Do Hamsters Know Their Names?

When I got a pet hamster, I looked forward to having a good time teaching it exciting tricks.

I was marveled to realize that hamsters have so much to offer.

I, like many others, had always thought that they did nothing but used the wheels in their cage.

However, I was proven wrong, and I am now going to share the details with you.

So do the hamsters know their names? Yes. You can teach a hamster to recognize its name. Once they do learn it, they will always respond whenever you call them out. However, you will need to teach it to them patiently.

It is incredible how smart these little creatures be.

If you do not endeavor to find out more, you might fail to unravel quite a lot of mysteries associated with them.

Teaching hamsters their name

First of all, every pet requires a great deal of patience on your part as you try to teach it something new.

Hamsters are no different.

Therefore, if you want your furry little friend to have a few tricks up his sleeves, you will need to give it some time.

The thing is; hamsters respond to their name if they get used to hearing it.

Do not wake up the hamsters

Wait for the little one to wake up.

Trust me; you do not want to disturb their sleep.

They might bite and hiss if you do so and it would be you who is at fault.

Therefore, start with the exercise only once the hamster has had its share of sleep.

Provide treats to your hamster

Get your hands on all the treats that your hamster loves.

It could be anything it enjoys and poses no harm to it.

Seeds and vegetables can be a good option.

You can feed them these frequently and thus the hamster has chances of learning its name quickly.

Get its attention

Use the treats to capture the attention of your little friend.

Once you get it to focus, say his or her name out loud clearly.

Follow it up immediately with a treat to make them feel good.

Don’t be one of those owners that are like, “do hamsters have feelings?”

Of course, they do. They are even capable of showing affection.

This has to be repeated daily for the whole week.

Get your hamster used to its name

Gradually, start saying the name before showing the treat.

Once you are sure that the hamster can now recognize its name and responds to it, you can cut back on the treats.

However, they surely are entitled to them now and then.

You get the sweet taste of success when you no longer need the treat to get the hamster to respond to its name.

Give the hamster some time

There are some things you need to understand.

The hamster will only respond to you once he recognizes you.

You need to form a bond with the little thing before trying to teach him tricks.

Do the hamsters recognize their owners?

Initially, your hamster will not be able to tell you apart from other people.

However, with time and proper socialization, this changes significantly.

The hamster will not only come to recognize you but will also form a bond.

For this, handling the hamster regularly is essential.

Keep one thing in mind; the hamster does not bond with everyone.

It is merely a couple of people who are the selected ones.

Socializing with the hamster

Hamsters have poor vision.

Thus, they cannot recognize you by sight.

Socialization is introducing your voice and scent to the little one.

There is not much you need to do.

Simply hold your hand in its cage.

He will take some time, but once he realizes that you mean no harm, his curiosity will take over.

He will then come forward to sniff your hand.

Hamsters have a great sense of smell.

Ensure that no sudden movements are made.

Do this daily till you gain his trust enough for him to crawl into your hands.

Once he is comfortable, you can begin petting him.

Speak to him softly.

Hamsters are spooked easily. Therefore, make sure you speak to them gently.

The hamster will now recognize you via your scent and voice.

You will even find him standing up in anticipation when you walk by the cage.

Regular handling

Hamsters need consistent handling if you want them socialized and tamed.

They love your attention.

Thus, make sure you spare a few minutes daily to spend some time with this adorable little creature.

Can hamsters learn tricks?

It’s always interesting to teach animals new tricks.

You can have a great deal of fun with hamsters as well.

It might be a good idea to start slow.

Do not jump to the complicated tricks.

Firstly, ensure that your little ball of fur does not mind being held.

Teaching him to take treats from your hand is a good start.

It’s quite simple.

Reach to his cage with some treats that he loves.

Encourage him to take it.

It might take time, but eventually, he will succumb to the temptation and reach out for his favorite treat.

1. Jumping through hoops

A whipped cream container can be used for this.

The hoop is to be held out in front of the hamster with a single hand.

Hold out a treat with your other hand such that the little thing will need to cross the hoop to get it.

Once it’s clear that your intelligent friend has understood this, raise the hoop off the ground slightly.

Increase the height of the hoop gradually, and before you know it, your furball would have mastered the trick.

2. Spinning in circles

Firstly, ensure that your hamster takes treats from your hands.

To teach this trick, begin by holding out one of his favorite treats.

As he approaches you for it, say spin as you move the snack in a circle.

Do hamsters like toys?

Hamsters like to remain active.

They tend to get bored quickly.

Furthermore, the lack of activity makes them overweight.

You would not want your little furball to become a huge ball of fur.

Thus, toys for these creatures can be quite helpful.

Make sure that you get some chew toys for him as well.

The chew toys ensure that the hamsters’ teeth remain neat and trim.

You will not face any trouble finding one of these.

A lot of toys are designed as chew toys for the hamsters.

Ensure that you install an exercise wheel in its cage.

This makes sure that the hamster can enjoy a run whenever he feels like it.

You can also get special balls and climbable objects for them.

Remember; the hamster loves its exercise.

Do hamsters like affection?

Hamsters are often among the first pets that children have.

Since they are not very demanding and are easy to take care, they are the ideal choice if you have not handled a pet before.

These little things are shy and nocturnal.

Thus, it is natural to wonder if they like attention and affection.

Many do not seem to realize that hamsters love being showered with affection.

They enjoy interacting with humans.

Once you gain their trust, the hamsters allow you to shower them with all the love.

Limited crowd

Hamsters are comfortable with selected people.

They do not like being surrounded by a bunch of people.

They remain content in the company of one, at the most, two people.

Gain their trust

Hamsters take their time to trust.

He might even try to bite you initially.

You will need to be persistent, patient and gentle.

Do not grab him. Let him take his time to come to you.

Take one step at a time.

He will get comfortable crawling into your hand.

Next, he will allow you to pet him.

Eventually, you will get to hold him.

Showing affection

You can show your love by stroking his fur gently.

Another option is hand-feeding him cereal or vegetables.

These little ones seem to love perching on their owner’s shoulder.

You might find them sleeping in your pocket comfortably at times too.

Anyone can get bored living in a cage, and this is true for hamsters as well.

Therefore, make sure that you get him out daily for a while when he is awake.


Do hamsters get lonely? No. Hamsters rarely get lonely.

It is true that hamsters are now among the most popular pets, especially for first-timers.

However, they are actually animals of the desert.

These creatures have evolved to protect their resources and territory from their fellow hamsters.

This is because the resources of water and food in the desert are limited.

Thus, they do not mind being alone.

It is unlikely that you will have to think about getting a new friend for your furball.

How long does it take to tame the hamster? Results vary as per your approach and your hamster.

However, regular training might prove to be effective in two months.

You will begin noticing a difference within a couple of weeks.

A vital tip; give your pet around 24 hours for settling in before you handle it for the first time.

Furthermore, make sure that you play with him at every available opportunity.

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