13 Best Ferret Toys + 7 Items you can find at home!

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

Ferrets are highly active and playful creatures that get along well on their own as they do in groups.

Your ferret may seem fine alone.


Ferrets are social animals, and they love companions.

The only way you can a single ferret happy is by allowing the ferret out of its cage and spending time with it.

In this article, I have discussed the ways in which you can keep your ferret entertained.

As a bonus:

I have also added a list of the 13 best ferret toys in the market today.

13 Best Ferret Toys

Marshall Bungee Ferret Toy, Assorted ColorsClothStrawberry Pink
Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way PlasticTransparent
Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ball Pit FabricGreen
Marshall Pet Pirate Ship FabricBrown
KONG - Small Animal - Small Chewy PlasticRed
Marshall Pet Products Plush Bell Toy FleeceMulticolor
Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels, Colors Vary PlasticPink
Living World Teach N Treat Toy PlasticGreen and Blue
Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy PlasticGreen
Wheeky Treat Ball Toy PlasticYellow, Green and Red
Petstages Tower of Tracks PlasticMulticolor
EcoCity Cat Toys PlasticMulticolor
PetFavorites Original Mylar Crinkle Balls PaperMulticolor

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How to Keep a Ferret Entertained?

Play Time

Ferrets deserve all the love in the world, and it is your job, as a pet owner to give them as much time as you can.

Ferrets are great pets for people who have a lot of time on their hands and who do not have a problem spending hours bonding with their pet.


Your ferret is a highly interactive creature and needs at least three hours out of the cage every day.

Always keep an eye on your ferret when you allow it out of the cage.

Ferrets have a knack for getting into trouble.

You should spend at the very least an hour every day, one to one interacting with your ferret.

Take time out from your busy schedule and play with your little fuzzy friend in ways that offer both mental as well as physical stimulation to your ferret.

Single ferrets need much more attention as compared to the ones with companions.

You need to make extra effort to keep a single ferret entertained.

Play Tag with Your Ferret

Ferrets have hunting instincts; hence they love to chase as well as being chased.


Playing tag is one of the best ways to keep a solo ferret entertained.

Chase your little fuzzy friend across the house and then stroke its belly or head in order to tag it.

Then, start running away from your ferret and allow it to chase after you.

Keep tagging and running until you both are exhausted.

You can make the game much more fun by getting on your hands and your knees.

In this way, you and ferret will be approximately at the same level.

Always wear shoes with closed toes when you play with ferrets.

They love biting, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Hide Treats All Over the House

Ferrets in the wild are hunters, and humans have used them for hunting purposes for centuries.


It is not wrong to believe that ferrets possess some hunting instincts. You can stimulate the hunting abilities of your ferret by hiding treats all over the house.

This game will not only keep them active but will also ensure the challenging of their mind.

Put ferret treats under furniture or other corners of the house.

This is a fantastic game for single ferrets as they do not have to compete for the treats.

The Towel Tug of War Game

You can make use of towels to make a game.

For this take a towel that you do not use anymore and wiggle it in front of your ferret in order to get them interested.

Soon enough your ferret will begin to chase the towel, and once it catches the edge of it, it will start to pull.

Using the towel pull your fuzzy mate across the room and when they let go, you can start the game all over again.

You can also play this game using tug of war toys which can be purchased at any pet store.

Allow Ferret Out of the Cage

Let your ferret come out of the cage every day.

Take your ferret out of its cage not to play but allow it to explore as well.

In total, the ferret should be kept out of the cage for a minimum of 5 hours a day, but the more time you give them out of the cage, the better it is for them.

You do not have to worry about chasing and playing with your ferret the entire time that they are out of the cage.

Just give them toys to play with as well as make sure that they have access to water and food at all times.

Best Ferret Toys Product Details

1. Marshall Bungee Ferret Toy, Assorted Colors

Check Price


Marshall Pet Products are known for their high-quality merchandise, and this Bungee Ferret Toy is no different.

It’s a cute little toy that your ferret will defiantly love.

The Bungee Ferret Toy can be easily attached to most ferret cages and comes with a very flexible strip.

The toy looks like a fluffy duck that is entirely safe for your ferret.

This product has no sharp edges and will not harm your little fuzzy friend in any way, whatsoever.

This toy is also very durable, no matter how roughly your ferret plays with it, the toy will remain intact and not budge.

You can even adjust the elastic band to fit your ferret cage.


  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Adjustable Elastic Band
  • Attaches Easily to All Cages


  • Might Get Caught in Ferret Claws

2. Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way

Check Price


Ferrets love tunnels and your ferret will defiantly love this one from Marshall’s.

The product is made up of high-quality material and is very durable.

This toy is of great value for such a great price.

The tunnel is 15 feet long, and you can expand it as much as you like.

The best thing:

You can also attach the tunnel with other toys from Marshall’s to make it much more fun.

The material of the tunnel is see-through, which makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your little fuzzy ferret.

This tunnel is great for all kinds of ferrets and is perfect for all environments.

Your ferret will absolutely fall in love with this great tunnel and will have a blast playing in it.

I mean who doesn’t want to see their ferrets have a ball?


  • Durable
  • Transparent Material
  • Expandable
  • 15 Feet long


  • The plastic may smell

3. Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ball Pit

Check Price


Another great product by Marshall Pet Products.

The Pop-N-Play Ball Pit is an extremely fun and interactive toy for all kinds of ferrets.

In order to amplify the fun, attach a tunnel to this product and watch your ferrets go nuts.

The ball put comes with 35 plastic balls of different colors, and the pit is super easy to fold and store.

This is a toy that all your ferrets can enjoy, no fights over it.


You can also purchase a separate pack of pit balls to add more fun.

This is also a great toy for other small animals such as chinchillas, rats, and guinea pigs.

The toy is made up of durable fabric that is very easy to clean.

You can attach this toy to playpens, furniture or different cages.


  • Durable Fabric
  • Easy to Clean
  • Can Attach Tunnels
  • Comes with Balls


  • Challenging to Keep Balls Inside
  • Sometimes Collapses

4. Marshall Pet Pirate Ship

Check Price



This pirate themed toy is literally a gem.

Its supper easy to clean and has a bottom insert that keeps the entire ship stable.

Your ferret will absolutely love to play in it.

The toy comes with its own pirate flag.

Trust me, and this toy would be the center of envy for all your friends.

The Marshal Pet Pirate Ship comes with hanging straps that are both removable as well as adjustable.

You can hang this toy both outside as well as inside the cage.


It can also be placed on the floor of your ferret cage.

This cute little product can also be used as a ferret bed.


  • Comfy
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks cute
  • Can be hung in the cage


  • A little pricey

5. KONG Small Animal

Check Price


This product is actually a super soft fetch stick that can use to play fetch with your ferret.

The fetch stick is available in three different sizes, small, medium and large.

It’s a great tool you can use to provide your ferret with the physical stimulation it requires.

And another thing:

The Kong small animal toy helps to clean your ferret’s teeth and also soothe their gums.

This toy will not only help you to provide your ferret with the exercise it needs but also will help your ferret avoid dental diseases.

The Kong toy also has a hole in the bottom where you can place treats for your ferrets to make the whole playing session much more fun.

Just insert a treat to extend the playtime.

You can also use this toy to play with other small animals such as mice, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.


  • Different sizes
  • Helps soothe gums
  • Cleans teeth
  • Other small animals can also play


  • Ferret treats too small to stay inside

6. Marshall Pet Products Plush Bell Toy

Check Price


The Marshall’s Pet Products Plush Bell Toy is a pack of three, soft and chewable balls that your ferrets will love.

The balls are of the right size for ferrets, and they can easily play with it.

Ferrets love the fact that the ball is chewable and does not hurt their teeth.

This product has a bell in the middle of it, which adds to the fun.

Ferrets play rough, and they do the same with these plush balls.

The balls might not last more than a few weeks, but they are worth it.


The stuffing of the balls is really light and safe for your ferret.

You can even wash these plush balls in the washer, just throw them in with your other linens.

Just make sure that the nails of your ferrets are trimmed before they play with these balls.

Ferret snails get snagged on the fabric.


  • Soft
  • Safe to chew on
  • Comes with a bell
  • Light


  • Not very durable
  • Fabric snags on nails

7. Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels, Colors Vary

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Kaytee is known for their brilliant pet products and this Flex-E Funnel is no different.

Ferrets absolutely love tunnels, and it is defiantly their most favorite toy.

Tunnels actually stimulate their burrowing instincts.

This product can be stretched out to 8 feet, and it has plenty of hiding spaces and tunneling places for your ferrets.

The tunnel is made up of see-through material which helps you can keep an eye on your ferret.

And another thing:

You can also attach this tunnel to other toys to ramp up the fun.

This amazing tunnel encourages your ferret to exercise and provides your small pets with hours of fun and playtime.

You can connect more tunnels using a connector ring which will help you build a playground for your ferrets.

The tunnel is made of durable plastic and will not create problems for your or your ferrets.

This toy is very safe for ferret use.


  • See through material
  • Can attach other toys
  • Durable material
  • Safe for ferrets


  • Difficult to clean

8. Living World Teach N Treat Toy

Check Price


This is an amazing toy by Living World that will help you stimulate your ferret mentally.

The toy includes three levels which you can change in accordance with your ferret’s intelligence.

This product offers a reward for the hard work your ferret puts in and is very interactive.

The toy helps to keep your ferret alert and healthy.

You can use this product to help teach your ferret to search for treats and allows ferrets to forge for treats by learning, observation and listening.


The toy us an interactive tool that helps you and your ferret to bond.

You can also use this toy to play with other small pets such as guinea pigs and chinchillas.

The only problem that you might face is that ferrets are very intelligent creatures.


Your ferret will easily figure out the entire ordeal within a few weeks.

None of the three levels will no longer be challenging for your little fuzzy friend but that does not mean that your ferret will stop playing with it.


  • Mental Stimulation
  • Interactive
  • Challenging
  • Rewarding


  • Ferrets might figure it out quickly

9. Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Other Small Pets

Check Price


This is a fantastic toy that only caters to your ferret but also other small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

The toy board has seven lids that your ferret can lift to find different treats.

This is an amazing product to provide your ferret with the mental stimulation it needs.

The product is made up of robust plastic, so you don’t have to worry about your ferrets destroying it in minutes.

This toy will keep your ferrets entertained for hours, and they will be happy with the treat rewards that they get in the end.

The toy helps your ferrets to learn new skills and challenges their brain.


  • Highly durable
  • Rewarding
  • Mental stimulation
  • Challenging


  • The holes are too small for bigger treats

10. Wheeky Treat Ball Toy for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Other Small Pets

Check Price


This is a fantastic toy that is highly interactive.

The yellow ball keeps ferret entertained and provides them with the physical workout that they require.

You can hide treats in the ball, which makes the whole ordeal much more fun.

The toy is really cute, yellow in color with carrots all over.

Ferrets love forging for things, and this toy will defiantly keep them busy for hours.

The treat openings are also adjustable so you can add different size of treats such as kibble or flakes.

This toy will not only provide your ferret with the physical stimulation it needs but also mental stimulation.


  • Vibrant color
  • Rewarding
  • Physical stimulation
  • Safe for ferrets


  • The lids stay where you leave them

11. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Check Price


This product has been initially designed as a cat toy but it fares well with ferrets as well.

The toy consists of three stories with a spinning ball in each of them.


The spinning balls keep the ferret entertained and stimulate the hunting instincts as well as the ferret’s senses.

This product is great for more than one ferret and is rather durable.

This toy helps your ferret get the exercise as well as the mental stimulation it needs.

This product is actually the number one seller in the category cat toy with balls.

Well, the stats speak for themselves.

You should defiantly invest in a product like this for your ferret.

 Things i really like: 
  • Entertaining
  • Durable
  • Great for more than one ferret
  • Physical excercise
 Things i don’t like: 
  • No safety bar at the top

12. EcoCity Cat Toys – Feather Cat Teaser Toys – Natural Feather Refills for Cat Wand Toy

Check Price


Who doesn’t love a feather toy?

Trust me, this toy by Eco-City is all you need to get your ferret all hyped up.

The best thing about this product is that it is made up of eco-friendly materials that are also safe for your ferret.

The toy is extremely durable, and it will hold steady even if your ferret decides to go to town on it.

The material if extremely elastic and the wand is flexible plus light.

Eco-city also offers a money back guarantee, so if you don’t like the toy, you could simply send it back.

The problem with most wand toys is that they break rather easily, but you do not have to worry about that any longer.

 Things i really like: 
  • Highly elastic
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe for ferrets
  • Non-toxic materials
 Things i don’t like: 
  • Challenging to swap feathers

13. PetFavorites Original Mylar Crinkle Balls Cat Toys


This is another cat toy that is also great for ferrets.

The crinkly balls come in a variety of colors, and your ferret will just love them.

The balls are about 1.5 inches in size and very easy for ferrets to play with.

Your ferret can pounce, bat or just chase the pretty balls around.

This product is an amazing exercise toy that you can use to distract your ferrets when they go crazy on your furniture.

This toy comes in three different packs, and you could either get the 6 pack, the 8 pack or the 24 pack.

It really depends on how much your ferrets love this, and trust me they surely will.


  • Colorful
  • Appropriate size for ferrets
  • Interactive
  • Vibrant look


  • The dye might stain

Ferret ENRICHMENT – 12 Easy, cheap, fun ideas! (Video)

Different Kinds of Ferret Toys

Toys that Squeak

Ferrets also adore toys that squeak.

Do not!

Have toys like that all the time around the house instead use it for special occasions to call your ferret when you cannot find it or in case of an emergency.

Most ferrets will run towards you when they hear the squeaking of the toy unless they are deaf obviously.

There have been many theories regarding why ferrets are attracted by squeaky toys.

Some say that the ferret thinks that the squeaky toy is a kit and wants to protect it or that another ferret is being attacked by a predator and it needs help.

Try training your ferret to come to you whenever you squeeze the squeaky toy as this might someday help you to save their lives in an emergency.

Toys That Make Noise

Toys that tend to make a lot of noise are very popular with ferrets, and this is because these kinds of toys are more interactive.

The furry creatures find toys like that very interesting.

Ferrets are attention seekers, and they want as much attention from you as they can get.

The noise making toys make them think that they are being interacted with when they make noise in response to their actions.

Problem Solving Toys

Due to their natural problem-solving abilities and their high level of intelligence the little critters need toys that help to stimulate their mentality.

Toys that challenge them to work and puzzles help to keep them busy.

The most popular toys are those that require them to figure out how to get the treat.

Dig Boxes

Digging boxes are also great toys for ferrets. Ferrets have a tendency to dig a lot so getting them a digging box will help you in preventing them from digging in the furniture, their litter box or the carpet.

Dig boxes provide a safe, non-destructive and fun place for the ferrets to channel their digging habit.

You can use fillers for your boxes like dried beans, ping pong balls, potting soil, long grain rice, shredded newspaper, paper, sand or pebbles.

And another thing!

Ferrets cannot digest Styrofoam, so never use Styrofoam peanuts as fillers for your dig box.

Styrofoam can actually cause fatal blockages.

Also, stay away from rice as it will swell up inside your ferret once eaten and cause damage.

You need always to keep an eye on your ferret when they are playing in the digging box to make sure that they are not eating the fillers.


Ferrets have a fascination for tunnels.

Ferrets make burrows in the wild, and they were even used to lay cable during Prince Charles wedding.

The shape of their bodies and their flexibility help them to run easily through tunnels.

Safe ferret toys

Ferrets love to chew on everything no matter what their age is so it is very important to get them toys that are safe.

Ferrets without any chew toys will find something else in the house to chew on such as the rubber buttons on the TV remote or your shoes.


Many items can cause health problems and internal blockages if ingested.

You need to avoid toys that are made up of latex or rubber as they can cause blockages if ingested.

Also, remember not to give your ferret toys that have small parts as they might end up choking on them.

Always supervise your ferret during play time.

Items that you can find at home

Old shoes

If you have some old athletic shoes or any work shoes that you can sacrifice then your ferret is in for a treat.

Old shoes make great toys for ferrets, and if they are stinky, then it is even better because somehow ferrets are attracted to the smell.


You are in luck if you just recently had any plumbing work done at your house. Dryer vents, PVC tubing and things like them make great playground items for ferrets.

Combine all these together to make a maze, and your little friend will play in it for hours on end.


Ferrets just like small children are very amused when it comes to boxes rather more than the toy that came in it.

Build a maze using any sturdy boxes that you have lying about in the house.

Make holes in it that are big enough for ferrets to pass through and align them properly so that ferrets can go up and down and in and out of the boxes.

Ping pong balls or golf balls

Balls make ideal toys for ferrets. You can place them in socks and play tug of war with your ferrets.

You can also place them in a box to be batted around all day. Use a string to daggle the balls in front of the ferret.

You can also just let them loose on the floor and watch what the ferret does with them. Just make sure that your or your family does not end up tripping on them.

Backpacks or Old purses

Ferrets enjoy making nests out of purses and backpacks. Your ferret will soon start hoarding stuff in them.

If you are missing your keys, there is very likely that you will find them here.

Old Linens and Shirts

This is very easy. Just lay down a T-shirt or a sheet on the ground and watch your fuzzy friend go crazy on it.

For more entertainment just lay the items on top of your ferret and watch it scurry about.

Another thing you can do is place your ferret on an unmade bed and then make it. Your ferret will love it.

Ferret trampoline

Place your pet on your bed and then make use of blankets, pillows, and sheets to toss your ferret up into the air.


You can also cover them with the blanket, flip them over and then just mess around with them.

This is actually a very fun game if you have many ferrets and multiple humans.

Toys you should avoid

Rubber toys

Many pet stores keep toys made of rubber in the ferret aisle.

This makes sense because ferrets love rubber, but unlikely rubber is very dangerous for them.

Ferrets have a knack for chewing.

They have little needle-like teeth that enable them to tear through anything easily.

When they chew on rubber, they break it into small pieces that come off the toy very easily and quickly.

These small pieces can be consumed by the ferret and then cause internal blockages in the small intestine.

And another thing:

These blockages can actually be life-threatening.

If you think your ferret needs something to chew then just give them edible things.

Things that are marketed specifically to cater to this issue such as cat treats which are very popular.

Ferret Balls

Ferret balls are just like hamster balls, and they are marketed as an option to keep the ferrets enclosed in a small space while they explore the environment safely.

These are not preferable.


All the ferrets do not easily fit in them, and then the rotating motion puts stress on the ferret’s body which can destabilize it and end up causing an injury.

Nail injuries are also very common when it comes to ferret balls.

Ferrets begin to dig in order to try to escape, and the containers actually have long ventilation strips that end up snagging their nails.

There is no access to things the ferret requires such as food, water, and a litter box.

DIY Ferret Toys

DIY Ferret Tunnel Tower

Provide your ferret with a homemade vertical tunnel system.


Take PVC pipe and then cut it in the length you want the tunnel to be. Attach the end cap of the PVC at both ends of the tunnel.

Take a piece of wood and then glue one side of the tunnel to it.

Make sure that the wood is heavy. You can even paint the wood or the post to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Use clear tubing and then wind it around the post. Start at the bottom and then wind the tubing down in between each of the spirals of the tubing.

Attach the tubing to the clear tubing by using a pipe fastener to the top of the post just where the tubing makes a curve.

DIY Ferret Foam Pit

To make a foam pit for your ferret, you need a large plastic storage bin or container.

Fill the storage bin or container with lots of colorful pool noodles, and nontoxic foam cut into chunky pieces.

Also, attach something to the outside of the bin so that your pet can easily get into the container such as a stack of plastic blocks.

DIY Ferret climbing tube slide

You can provide your ferret with an epic climbing ramp and a slide right at home.

All you need is sturdy cardboard.


Cut the cardboard tube in the length you need and then drill a hole near its end.

Attach the tube to the wire cage using a lanyard and hang it. Wrap a piece of string or rope around the tube and add glue under the rope as you wrap it in a spiral.

DIY Storage Bin Ferret Burrow

You can easily convert a plastic bin or storage container into a play burrow for your fuzzy mates.

For this, you need to get a long and thin storage bin that has a lid.

Drill some holes in the bin which serve as doorways for your ferrets and also remember to drill additional holes at the sides of the storage bin if you want.

You can also decorate the bin by using markers and also place toys inside the bin to make the whole thing much more fun for your ferrets.

DIY Ferret Play Dresser

You can easily use a dresser as a play station for your furry critter. Invest in a stable dresser and then fill it with playground rice or sand.


Pull the drawer out so that most of the dresser is open.

Attach one of the ferret tunnels on the edge of the drawer.

You can also drill holes in the second drawer that are big enough for your ferret to pass through and fill the drawer with paper balls or plastic Easter eggs.

You can use the remaining drawers in order to store your ferret supplies.

DIY Ferret Playhouse

Build a playhouse for your ferrets easily at home.

Start by cutting pieces of wood to make walls of the playhouse.

Cut holes in the wood pieces to make doorways.

The holes should be large enough for the ferrets to maneuver through easily. Attach PVC connectors or PVC pipes to a few of the doorways.

Get a wood bar and attach it in an open area.

Wrap the wood bar with glue that is non-toxic and then wraps a sisal rope around it very tightly.

Attach some hooks in one of the areas and hand a hammock from them.

You can also make one of the areas a sleeping area by adding a pillow or bedding inside it.


Hang a toy from the roof by using a rope and attaching it to the ceiling.

DIY Ferret Race Gate

By constructing a race gate, you could not only have fun with your ferrets but your friends as well plus a little competition does not hurt anyone.

You can race your ferret against other ferrets you own or against your friend’s ferret.


Take a plastic storage bin and measure it.

Cut four pieces of wood boards and then fit them inside the storage bin to act as dividers.

Glue the boards in the location you want them to be and then cut a hole out for each gate.

Attach a PVC pipe adapter onto each gate hole using glue. Install clear plastic tubing in each pipe adapter.

Install a Tupperware flip lid over all the holes and cut holes out of the plastic container over each gate area. Then let the races begin.

DIY Infant Gym Ferret playground

If you have a toddler that does not use his or her infant gym anymore, then you have hit the jackpot.

You can easily turn the infant gym into a play zone for your ferrets.

Take the infant activity mat or infant gym that your ferrets will love and cut off any decorations or toys in it that are not safe for your ferrets to play with.


Attach the toys that your ferret enjoys using lanyard clips. Along the bars of the gym poke some holes and if needed just attach the clips to those holes.

DIY Fabric Tunnel

Make a soft floor tunnel for your fuzzy mates. In order to get started, you need a long piece of decorative fabric.

After that, you should cut another piece of fleece with a length that is slightly longer.

You should then fold over the fabric on each end and then go ahead and sew the edge of the cloth in order to make a deep pocket.

Make another pocket by sewing two lines across the middle of the fabric and then cut pieces in accordance with the length needed for the pockets.

Slide a piece of boning in all the pockets.

At the end sew the edge of the fabrics to give it a tunnel like a shape and then turn it inside out.

DIY Milk Crate Ferret Playhouse

Convert vertical milk boxes into an epic playhouse for your fuzzy little friends.

All you need are lots of milk crates.

Start by cutting holes at the side of two milk crates and then weave a plastic tube through them and then around the crates.

After that, you need to cut one side from each of the milk crates and then sand the cut plastic in order to make it smooth so that your ferrets do not get hurt by it.

Use zip ties to fasten the crates together with the cut sides together.

Add crates to make a second level and fasten them all together.


Cut pieces of fabric and place them in the crates to provide bedding.

Cover the cut plastic with fabric pieces. Repeat the entire process and add a third level of crates.

Continue to add the plastic tubes to the crates and weave them around to form tunnels.

Also sew a cover after measuring it, for the playground.

DIY Ferret Exercise Wheel

Create a hamster wheel for your little critter to run on.

To make a hamster wheel for your ferret you need a plastic planter or a bowl that is wide enough to accommodate your ferret.

Start by cutting holes for ventilation at the bottom of the plastic bowl and cover the holes with plastic mesh pieces or strings.

Glue pieces of denim or carpet into the wheel so that your ferret has enough traction to run easily on the wheel.

After that, you need to drill the ferret’s wheel bottom onto a nylon roller.

Then attach a screw in the nylon roller. In the end, use a washer to hand the ferret wheel onto the wall of the ferret’s cage.

DIY Soda Box Ferret Playhouse

Create a maze for your ferrets using soda boxes.

Grab soda boxes of all kinds to build a playhouse for your ferrets.

Open the ends of some of the boxes and then fast those together using tape.

Cut holes in the tunnels in order to create doorways and then link new tunnels to the doorways.

In the end:

Toss toys or treats in the tunnels for your ferrets to make the whole adventure much more fun for your ferrets.

DIY Ferret Ball Pit

You can easily create a ball pit for your ferret at home.

Grab a plastic storage container or bin that is large enough for your ferret to play in.

Fill the storage bin with rice, beans or packing peanuts, toys or any other materials that are safe for your ferret to play in.

Place the container on a rug or a sheet in order to catch the overflowing beans from the ball pit and to provide some added traction.

Make your own ferret toys!


Related questions

Which materials are toxic for my ferret? Try to avoid Styrofoam peanuts as they can cause blockage in your ferret’s intestine. Also, do not give them toys that have small parts because they are choking hazards.

How can I bond with my ferret? Playing with your ferret really helps the fuzzy creature bond with you. Ferrets need loads of attention. The more time you spend with your ferret, the more comfortable, it will feel with you.

Is roughhousing with my ferret safe? You really do not need to worry as ferrets play rather aggressively. It will not bite you until and unless your ferret feels threatened or afraid.

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