The 19 Best Ferret Toys

by Nadine Oraby

Ferrets can never cease to entertain you with their antics. Offering a variety of stimulating and safe toys is a great way to keep your ferret happy and entertained. Ferrets can play with almost anything, but it is important to pick durable toys that won’t pose a safety hazard to your pet.

Finding toys for your ferret can be tricky. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best ferret toys. Let’s explore!

The Best Ferret Toys

Top PicksRatingToy Type
1. Marhsall Hanging Ferret Pirate Ship Hammock4.5Fleece Hammock
2. KONG – Extra Small Animal Toy4.4Chewing Toy
3. Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels5.0Tunnel
4. Living World Teach N Treat Small Animal Toy4.4Interactive and Educational
5. Kaytee4.5Fleece Hammock
7. Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way4.3Tunnel
8. Marshall Bungee Ferret Toy4.0Soft plush chew toy

1. Kong Extra Small Animal Toy

Dog owners may be familiar with the Kong toy. Its extra small version is ideal for ferrets. It is a sturdy hollow rubber toy. It moves and bounces in unpredictable ways. You can stuff it with your ferret’s favorite treat and use it as a good distraction tool.

Additionally, it’s a great toy to provide your ferret with physical stimulation. It also helps clean your ferret’s teeth and soothes their gums. Besides providing ample exercise to your ferret, the Kong toy helps them avoid dental disease. You can also give this toy to other small animals such as hamsters, mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

2. Marshall Bungee Ferret Toy

Marshall Pet Products are popular for their high-quality toys, and this Bungee Ferret Toy is no different. It’s a great toy that your ferret will love immensely! You can attach this Bungee Ferret Toy to most ferret cages, and it comes with a very flexible strip.

This soft toy looks like a fluffy duck and is safe for your ferret. It has no sharp edges and will not harm your fuzzy friend. This toy is also very sturdy and durable and will remain intact during rough play. Additionally, you can adjust the elastic band to fit your ferret’s cage.

3.Marshalls Super Thru-Way toy

Give your ferret fifteen feet of tunneling fun with the Marshall Super Thru-Way toy. Ferrets love playing inside tunnels and satisfying their natural instincts. This toy has high-quality material and is very durable. It offers excellent value for such a low price. You can also expand the tunnel and attach other toys from  

This tunnel is perfect for all environments. Additionally, it’s a transparent tunnel, making it easier to keep an eye on your ferret. It encourages exercise and is an excellent way to interact with your pet. Your ferret will have a blast playing with this toy!   

4. Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Ball Pit

Our next pick is an excellent ferret toy by Marshall Pet Products. The Pop-N-Play Ball Pit is an entertaining and interactive toy for all kinds of small animals. You can amplify the fun by attaching a tunnel to this toy and watch your ferrets go crazy!

The product comes with thirty-five plastic balls of different colors. It has an easy-to-clean, durable fabric. Additionally, the pit is super easy to fold and store. You can also buy a separate pack of pit balls for added fun. It’s a great toy for all small animals, including chinchillas, rats, and guinea pigs. If you have more pets at home, they can all play together. Lastly, you can attach this product to playpens, furniture, or pet cages.

5. Marshall Hanging Ferret Pirate Ship Hammock

This pirate-themed hammock toy is a gem. It’s easy to clean and has a bottom insert that keeps the ship stable. Your ferret will enjoy playing inside this pirate toy! Ferrets are sensitive to sleep, and this hanging hammock provides a comfortable place to nap.It comes with a pirate flag and is big enough for two ferrets.

Your friends will envy you for buying a cool ferret toy! The Marshall pirate ship hammock comes with hanging straps. You can adjust or remove these straps to suit your preference. You can place it on the cage’s floor and use it as a ferret bed.

6. Niteangel Small Animal Trio of Fun Balls Activity Toy

Give your ferret a fun and engaging gift with the Ninteangle Trio of Fun Balls Activity Toy. Each ball in this three-pack has different all-natural materials including, seagrass, rattan, and water hyacinth. It offers a variety of densities for your ferret to explore.

This product contains no glue, plastic, or metal. It is safe for your pet and keeps them out of harm’s way. It provides hours of engaging play, and your ferret can chew on it. Chewing natural surfaces also helps your ferret maintain its incisor teeth length and keep them healthy.

7. Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Funnels

Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels, slide 1 of 1

Kaytee is popular for its brilliant ferret products, and this Flex-E Funnel is no different. Ferrets love tunnels, and it is their most favorite toy. Tunnels stimulate your ferret’s burrowing instincts. Your ferret can stretch this product out to eight feet. It has many hiding spaces places for your fuzzy friend.

The tunnel has transparent material, which helps you monitor your ferret’s activity. Additionally, you can attach other toys for added fun. This fantastic tunnel toy encourages your ferret to exercise and provides hours of playtime. You can also connect more tunnels using a connector and build a playground for your ferrets. The tunnel has durable plastic and is safe for your ferret.

8. Living World Teach N Treat Toy

This is a great toy by Living World that will help stimulate your ferret’s brain. It has three levels, which you can adjust to match your pet’s intelligence. It also offers a reward for your ferret’s hard-work and is very interactive.

The toy helps keep your ferret healthy and alert. You can use this toy to train your ferret and encourage them to search for treats. It’s a great way to observe and learn challenging tasks.

This toy is an interactive tool and helps you bond with your ferret. You can also use this product with other pets such as chinchillas and guinea pigs.

9. Niteangel Snack Ball Small Animal Treat Dispensing Toy

Niteangel Snack Ball Small Animal Treat Dispensing Toy, slide 1 of 4

Make treat time super enjoyable with Niteangel’s Snack Ball Treat Dispensing Toy. This product combines treat time with playtime by dispensing your ferret’s favorite treat. It’s a wonderful way to bust your ferret’s boredom and keep them engaged.

This product has an adjustable opening for various treats. You can control how easy it is for your ferret to get his food out. The smaller the opening, the bigger the challenge! The treat-dispensing toy releases your ferret’s favorite treat as he plays. Watch your ferret roll the ball and reap the benefits of his hard work with a tasty treat.

10. Peter’s Woven Grass Ball Small Animal Toy

Your ferret will love to munch on the unique texture of Peter’s woven grass ball. This toy is pet-safe and won’t harm any small animals. It helps enrich your ferret’s life with loads of interactive play.

The circular shape has natural woven grass for many textured chewing opportunities! You can nurture your ferret’s mind and body with an instinctual accessory. The woven grass ball is also suitable for other small animals. You can use it inside or outside of the ferret’s cage. It’s safe for your ferret because it has no dyes, colors, preservatives, or pesticides.

11. Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler Small Animal Chew Toy

The Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler is an exciting natural wood toy for small animals such as ferrets. This toy features a variety of colorful wooden posts to create a barrier around a wooden nut toy. Your ferret will spend hours gnawing and chewing to get to their prize! This small animal toy has natural wood and safe vegetable-based colors. Encourage your ferret to use their natural chewing instincts and prevent cage boredom with this toy! It’s a great way to keep your ferret entertained and helps keep their teeth clean. Lastly, it has a nice surprise hidden inside for your little ferret.

12. The Oxbow Play Table Small Animal Toy

The Oxbow Play Table Small Animal Toy is perfect for your ferret. It helps your fuzzy friend take his playtime to the next level! This pet-safe toy helps enrich your ferret’s life with interactive play. It will keep your ferret engaged for ours in exciting play.

The Play Table has wooden posts with dangly toys that help entertain your ferret. This toy may also add visual stimulation to his environment. The chewable parts are perfect for maintaining dental health. Help nurture your ferret’s mind and body through an innovative toy. It encourages mental and physical stimulation that your ferret can benefit from.

13. Ware’s Fun Tunnel Play Tube

Ware’s Fun Tunnel Play Tube provides ferrets with a place to play, exercise, and hideout. The flexible, innovative design lets you bend it into various fun shapes for your ferret to explore. This fun tunnel toy expands to two and a half feet wide and is perfect for both inside or outside of your ferret’s cage. You can feel great knowing that it has 100% non-toxic plastic and is stain-resistant, odor-resistant, and washable for easy cleaning! It is also perfect for other small animals such as hamsters and chinchillas.

14. Niteangle Small Animal Cotton Rope Nets Activity Toy

Keep your ferret active and entertained with the Niteangel Cotton Rope Nets Activity Toy. This sturdy and durable cotton rope net has metal clips on each side. You can hang the toy in a variety of positions with these topes. Stretch it horizontally to form a comfy hammock or a platform, hang it vertically to form a climbing ladder, or hang it at an angle to form a challenging ramp. This entertaining, functional toy encourages your ferret to climb and move around. It also prevents his nails from overgrowing and benefits his overall health.

15. Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel Oversized Crackling Tube

Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel Oversized Crackling Tube Toy encourages exercise, exploration, and tunneling activity. It has durable cotton and polyester material and is machine washable. 

Its 6-inch opening is perfect for ferrets, dwarf rabbits, chinchillas, and other small animals. This expandable tunnel stretches up to 23-inches in length. It makes a unique crackling when your ferret is inside for added fun.

16.Ware Tread Wheel Small Animal Toy

Your small ferret can run like the wind on the Ware Tread Wheel Toy. This tread wheel provides your little friend with a fun way to exercise. It has durable powder-coated metal and can stand up to nibbles and chewing. It’s also safe for your ferret’s tail and toes as he works on his fitness. This toy is available in two sizes. All you have to do is choose the right size for your ferret and watch the free-wheeling fun!

17. Niteangel Suspension Bridge

Help your little ferret move around with a Niteangel Suspension Bridge for small animals. It has organic wood sticks and flexible metal wires that hold it together. You can bend this fun and challenging bridge into a variety of shapes and angles. Help your ferret exercise and reach elevated areas within his habitat.

At 22 inches in length, your ferret can reach almost anywhere he needs to go. Plus, the convenient hooks help secure it to most wire-frame habitats. Besides encouraging exploration and exercise, the real wood construction is perfect for chewing to satisfy his instinctual urges. It also keeps your ferret’s incisor teeth trimmed and healthy.

18. Exotic Nutrition’s Silent Runner Exercise Wheel

Let your ferret get all the exercise he needs with Exotic Nutrition’s Silent Runner Exercise Wheel. This wheel has a dual ball-bearing design that allows your ferret to spin it. It won’t create annoying noises that other wheels can make. It doesn’t have a center axle and prevents your ferret from getting tangled up in the wheel.

Additionally, it has a sturdy and heavy-duty body. It also has a textured surface to give your ferret better traction. Lastly, the four bean-shaped openings feature multiple entry points, while the solid rear wall provides extra support and comfort as the ferret runs.

19. Kaytee Lava Ledge Small Animal Toy

Kaytee Lava Ledge Small Animal Toy is ideal for your ferret. It can attach easily and securely attach to the side and wire enclosure, providing an excellent climbing surface for ferrets. This small animal toy encourages natural jumping exercise. It has pumice rock and is 100% pet-safe for chewing. It also has a coarse texture to clean your pet’s teeth as he chews. You can find this product in a variety of different shapes and colors. Overall, it offers great value for money and is great for your fuzzy friend.

Buyer’s Guide – Ferret Toy Tips

It’s wise to follow general guidelines before giving toys to your ferret. Here are some general tips to help you:

Buy washable toys

Always buy easy to wash ferret toys. Veteran ferret parents only let ferrets play on newspapers or puppy pads. That’s because they know that ferrets poop and then roll around with their toys. Mixing toys with poop is not an ideal combination.

Avoid toys with an opening

Beware of buying toys with an opening. If your ferret sees an opportunity, he may try to get his entire body through the opening. Many ferrets get stuck inside paper towel tubes. 

Ferrets can panic and injure themselves when they feel stuck.

Discourage shoe play

Don’t encourage ferrets to play with your shoes or other personal belongings. Many ferrets like to hide in your slippers. You may not want to teach your ferret that slippers are toys. It won’t feel so great when your ferret runs off with a brand-new shoe and nibbles on it. If ferrets can haul rabbits with their jaws, then chewing shoes is child’s play for them.

Toy Safety

Swallowing toy pieces is one of the most serious dangers to your pet when it comes to toys. Make sure any toys they have are as pet-safe as possible. You can regularly inspect toys for any wear or lose parts. Remember to discard any toys that are coming apart. For your ferret’s safety, you should monitor the condition of the toy. As soon as your ferret begins to make holes in the toy and tears out the stuffing, take away the filling to avoid intestinal blockage risk.

Buy assorted ferret toys

Once you know what kind of toys your ferret enjoys playing with, you should have a few on hand to keep things exciting. The same toys left out for months will bore your ferret. This doesn’t mean that you should buy new toys every week. Consider investing in an assortment of high-quality toys and rotating them. Don’t forget to wash your ferret’s toys regularly. Once the smell goes away, old toys would feel new to your ferret.

Types of Toys to Avoid

Avoid toys made from latex or soft rubber (like most squeaky toys made for cats). These toys are too easy for your ferret to chew up and swallow. Also, avoid toys with small parts that could easily break off.

Also, watch for breakage signs and discard any toy that could potentially harm your ferret.

Providing a good range of toys and rotating the cage’s accessories will help keep life exciting and entertaining for your pets. It will discourage them from finding treasures by stealing your precious items and hiding them from you. If you keep supplying your ferret with fun toys, your belongings won’t be so inviting!

Different Types of Ferret Toys

There are many activities to keep your ferret happy and feeling good. You can have a range of accessories like squeaker toys, balls, and activity boards. Here are different toys for your ferret:

Soft toys for Ferrets

Fill up your ferret’s bed with soft toys! These toys offer comfort and joy. You can also use them as a reward or even to motivate your ferrets.

Different types of soft toys for Ferrets

  • Classic soft toys come in different sizes and may or may not feature a squeaker.
  • Toys without stuffing can last longer.
  • Soft toys in various materials offer different sensations for the ferret to chew on.
  • Hard and sturdy plastic toys (e.g. some cat toys).
  • Hard plastic balls. Balls with bells or noisemakers inside are often favorites. Soft fleece balls are also fun for ferrets to carry around.
  • Large ferret balls with holes are perfect for ferrets to climb in and out.
  • Paper Bags and Cardboard boxes.
  • Commercial ferret tubes or PVC pipes are also a big hit.
  • Hanging parrot toys (made with wood, heavy ropes, bells etc.) are fun and interesting to ferrets.
  • Rattles, teething rings and other small plastic toys made for human babies.
  • Small soft/stuffed toys with squeakers or other noisemakers enclosed inside of them. Avoid toys where the squeaker is visible since ferrets are experts at chewing them out. They can cause intestinal blockages if swallowed.
  • Soft cloth bags for hiding and sleeping in – you can even get bags that have a layer of crinkly material inside. It makes them extra interesting to ferrets.
  • Play tents or houses.
  • Ferrets love hanging tubes for both playing and sleeping in (they love hammocks too).
  • Dangling toys like those available for dogs and cats — but use only under supervision to make sure your ferret doesn’t get entangled.

Beware: Toys with long hanging bits or ropes are best used only under supervision, though, due to the risk of strangulation.

What kind of treat toys can you give to ferrets?

There is a wide range of ferret toys on the market. You can find something to suit your ferret’s preferences. Here are a few options that you can try:

Kongs:  These come in different sizes and extremely resistant varieties. They may be bone-shaped or cone-shaped with fillable ends.

Treat distributors: These include Pipolino, balls with holes, and rocking Kongs.

Sniffing mat or Snuffle mat: a mat with fleece strands used to hide treats.

Activity boards:  They have holes, drawers, and other doors.

How to Keep Your Ferret Entertained

Once the ferret understands the game, they will play with great enthusiasm. However, ferrets are highly-intelligent and can cheat when playing the game. They can almost never play a fair game! Teach your ferret new games so that they can have fun. Your ferret should enjoy their days instead of staying dormant. Here are different games for your ferrets to play:

Tag Chase

 Ferrets are energetic and fast-moving animals. They are small creatures and can move anywhere around the house. Tag chase is a fun game for ferrets because it involves chasing people around the house. You can teach your ferret to chase after you in the house. You can also chase ferrets back and make things more interesting! The moment you start tagging your pets back, it becomes an amazing game. Continue playing tag chase until you both get tired.

Burrowing the Toys

The ferrets are fond of exploring and digging underground. You can teach them to play the burrowing game. It’s a game where ferrets have to look for a toy by digging the earth. It’s an exciting game that will keep your ferret happy and entertained. Ferrets love taking upon challenges that make them think. You can fill a carton box with natural materials like packing peanuts and hide the ferret’s toys. You can also include your ferret’s favorite treats inside the carton. Finding amazing treats and toys inside the box will surprise your ferret. It’s a simple game, but it means a lot to ferrets.

Cat Toys for Ferrets

Some cat toys, including the ball and feather, can make the ferret have more fun. They can start to hunt for their favorite toy. When you want to have your ferret’s full attention, you can trail the toy onto the floor and lift it when your ferret comes close. This will give your ferret a hunting idea, which makes them more interactive.

Make The Maze

Ferrets are highly intelligent and love challenging games. You can purchase ready-made maze kits for small animals. Additionally, you can make a selection box or tube at home. You can hide the treats inside the maze for your ferret to find. You can also set a time for your ferret’s journey and alter the maze layers to challenge them.  

Remote Control Toys

You can purchase inexpensive remote control toys like the toy car. You should pilot the toy car on hard surfaces like wood or cemented tiles area. Have the ferret chase the toy car until they are tired. You can also turn the remote control into a tag game and chase the ferret with your toy car.

Have Pillow Fight

Pillow fights are very simple, but they are fun for ferrets. The best pillows are lightweight and small cushions. Your ferret can easily handle these soft pillows during pillow fights. You can drop the cushion on your ferret and gently retrieve it. Encourage your ferret to do the same thing to you with the pillow.

Ferret Trampoline

Trampolines are fun and enjoyable for most kids, but your ferret can also enjoy them. If you have a trampoline in your house, you can place your ferret in its middle. Gently push the ferret to let them enjoy the bouncy feeling. Always be cautious of your ferret and treat them with maximum care. You want to prevent them from getting injuries.

War Tug

Ferrets are not afraid of anything. You can take them to participate in war tug using a toy rope or an old tea towel. You must give the toy back to the ferret after you are done. Make sure the sharp teeth of your ferret aren’t close to you. Some ferrets are notorious for grabbing fingers to bite them.  

Catch Game

Ferrets are bright animals and can adapt to different game rules. You can teach them to follow the rules of fetching and catching. Throw a small ball and encourage ferrets to chase it. You can repeat the catch game until you become exhausted. Ask them to give the ball back to you after the game.


You can introduce the war docking dance to your ferret. It will make the best use of your ferret’s high energy. You can also dance with your ferret and make fun videos to upload on social media!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can ferrets use cat toys?

Yes. Hard sturdy plastic cat toys are great for ferrets. Soft fleece balls are also fun for ferrets to carry around.

Do ferrets need chew toys?

Ferrets love chewing on things around the house. It’s best to find them a chew toy to satisfy their natural instincts.

How can I make a DIY ferret toy?

You can use sturdy boxes and build a maze for your ferret. Simply use cut-out cardboard pieces to make maze walls and attach them to the box using glue.

What smell do ferrets hate?

Ferrets hate the smell of bitter apples. You can spray bitter apple on yourself to discourage chewing and biting. Using bitter apple on your hands and toes can also discourage your ferret when it’s nipping. Your ferret won’t like the bitter smell, and he will stop biting you.

Do pet ferrets like to swim?

Yes. Pet ferrets love to swim! You just need to give them that freedom, safety, and opportunity to swim.

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