7 Best Ferret Hammocks

Who doesn’t like to shower their pets with gifts? Well, I’m no different. As a ferret owner, all I want is to provide my ferret with the best life possible. And to do that, I make sure that my ferrets

Can Ferrets Eat Popcorn & Cereal?

While we can now get prepackaged ferret food from pet stores and supermarkets, it isn’t available as commonly as cat food or dog food. This has led ferret owners to feed their pets everything from chips and crackers to popcorn

Can Ferrets Eat Bones and Dog Food?

Ferrets may have the same or different nutritional needs from other pets basically, so some foods must be avoided for them to be kept healthy. Can ferrets eat bones and dog food? They can be given raw, fleshy bones to

Can Ferrets Eat Honey and Sugar?

Ferrets have a specialized nutrient need, making them highly sensitive to some other kinds of food which could be specifically safe to humans or other animals but might not be as safe to them. Always be extra careful to ensure

5 Ways to Train a Ferret

Ferrets are not the most common kind of pets out there and are very different than cats and dogs. They are highly intelligent, playful and inquisitive creatures and they serve as wonderful pets. Due to their amazing capacity to understand

How to Breed Ferrets: The Ultimate Guide

Ferrets are amazing animals to have as pets. They are playful, inquisitive, and intelligent and they would climb all over you if given the chance. Breeding ferrets is another story and it is not very easy. It takes much more