The 24 Best Toys For Hedgehogs

No hedgehog owner wants their little pet to feel trapped or bored.

However, there aren’t a lot of toys for hedgehogs to choose from in the market. 

But fear not, because we have created a list of the best toys for hedgehogs just for you. 

And that’s not it. We’ve also designed a unique buyer’s guide so you can purchase the best toys according to your hedgehog’s personality and likes.

So if you’re ready, let’s hop into it!

The Best Toys For Hedgehogs – Our Top 8 Picks

Top ProductsTypeMaterial
1. Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Small Animal BedBedPolyester
2. Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube Small Animal ToyTunnelPlastic
3. Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk HideoutHideoutComposite
4. Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Exercise BallExercisePlastic
5. Ware Natural Hut Small Animal HideoutHideoutWillow
6. Niteangel Snack Ball Treat Dispensing ToyToyPlastic
7. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Exercise WheelExercisePlastic
8. Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Flexible HideoutHideoutWood

1. Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Plush Small Animal Bed

If you want to buy your hedgehog a bed, get them this plush and comfy Kaytee Cuddle-E-Cup Animal Bed. It features a super-soft faux fur interior that makes the bed feel like a warm blanket that every hedgehog would thoroughly enjoy to sit in.

Aside from being cozy, the Cuddle-E-Cup is also surprisingly durable for a hedgehog. It’s made from polyester and includes straps so you can fasten the bed to keep it from moving. And if your hedgehog accidentally soils the bed, you can easily machine-wash it and place it back in their cage.

2. Ware Fun Tunnel Play Tube Small Animal Toy

Every hedgehog loves to crawl through tunnels, so there’s no reason not to buy the Ware Fun Tunnel. It’s wide enough to let any hedgie comfortably make their way through without getting stuck. 

One of the best things about the tunnel is its accordion-style design, which allows it to stretch up to 2 ½ feet. And when you want to pack it up, the tunnel shrinks down to just 8 inches. It’s made from non-toxic plastic that’s both odor-free and stain-resistant, and can be easily washed when it gets dirty.

3. Kaytee Natural Tree Trunk Small Animal Hideout

Hedgehogs are known to hide inside tree logs in the wild, and the Kaytee Tree Trunk Hideout provides the same level of privacy to your pet in their cage. In fact, the hideout is crafted from a composite made out of recycled wood and plastic. This material choice gives it a much more realistic feel while still making it easy to wash.

Aside from the excellent build quality, the hideout is also the perfect size for most hedgehogs. It also has a little heft to it so your hedgehog doesn’t drag it around their cage. The hideout is also resistant to chewing and can even house up to two medium-size hedgies.

4. Kaytee Run-About Small Animal Exercise Ball

Every hedgehog requires some level of freedom. With the Kaytee Run-About Exercise Ball, you can easily let your little pet out of their cage without worrying about them getting hurt. No matter if your hedgehog is big or small in size, the exercise ball’s 11.5-inch diameter can cater to critters of all sizes. 

The ball is made out of sturdy plastic with a hatch that securely locks your little pal inside it. Aside from that, the ball also features several narrow ventilation slits that let plenty of air through without trapping your hedgehog’s tiny feet. Not only is the ball a great way to let your hedgie get some fresh air, but it also doubles as a great substitute cage when you’re cleaning your pet’s cage or traveling with them.

5. Ware Natural Hut Small Animal Hideout

Made from hand-woven seagrass and willow, Ware’s Natural Hut provides your hedgehog with a more natural hideout where they can rest or sleep. Since the hideout is constructed from natural materials, it’s safe to chew and has a realistic feel that most critters find amusing.

The large hut measures 11.5” x 11.5” x 7” and can accommodate hedgehogs of nearly all sizes. More so, the construction is solid and the hideout doesn’t collapse due to chewing. Overall, it makes a great sanctuary where hedgehogs can get the sense of security and privacy they crave in a hut with a natural touch to it.

6. Niteangel Snack Ball Small Animal Treat Dispensing Toy

The treat-dispensing Niteangel Snack Ball is one of those toys that keeps your hedgehog busy for hours. All you have to do is fill the ball with your pet’s favorite snack, such as berries, bananas, or boiled chicken, and let them figure out a way to dispense them.

You can also choose the difficulty of dispensing the treats with the snack ball’s adjustable opening. As your hedgehog rolls the ball, the treats will start dispensing. Once they figure out that the ball is rewarding them, they’ll stay busy for hours, which will also help them get plenty of exercise.

7. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Small Animal Exercise Wheel

Loud squeaking can frighten hedgehogs. But with the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Wheel, your little pal can get all the exercise he needs without freaking out. The exercise wheel uses a dual ball-bearing design which eliminates any squeaking no matter how fast your hedgehog is running.

Moreover, the Silent Runner features a solid-plastic textured floor that doesn’t tangle with your hedgehog’s delicate feet. It’s made from high-grade plastic and comes in three bright colors. The large size is perfect for hedgehogs as it’s wide enough to let them run without putting stress on their backs.

8. Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Small Animal Flexible Hideout

One of the most colorful and versatile toys out there, the Kaytee Tropical Fiddle Sticks Toy makes a perfect addition to any hedgehog’s cage. The rainbow-colored logs can be twisted into any shape you want, whether you want to make a bridge, ramp, tunnel, cave, or stairway.

Because of the logs’ ability to change shapes, it’s easy to keep your hedgehog engaged and provide them with means of playing and exercising in the cage. Moreover, the logs are chewable and are an excellent source for hedgehogs to satisfy their instinct to chew. Whatever shape you decide to mold the logs in, your little pet is bound to enjoy it for a long time.

9. Lixit Critter Space Pod Small Animal Hideout

If you want a cool and unique shelter for your little pet, then you should consider buying the Lixit Critter Space Pod Hideout. The space-themed sanctuary is an instant-eye catcher with bright colors and doubles as a great decoration piece for your critter’s cage. 

Moreover, the hideout has enough room for most hedgehogs to comfortably fit inside. It can even house two medium to small-sized hedgehogs comfortably. It’s super-easy to detach and clean, and snaps back into shape in seconds as well. The space pod is made out of sturdy plastic and sports a solid construction. 

10. Marshall Pop-N-Play Ball Pack Ferret Toy

Like cats and ferrets, hedgehogs are also a fan of balls. With the Marshall Pop-N-Play Ball Pack, you can now fill your pet’s cage with colorful balls and give them an endless source of entertainment. The balls are made from lightweight plastic and have no sharp edges so your hedgehog can have fun pushing the balls across their cage without getting injured.

Inside the pack, you’ll find a total of 15 balls in five bright colors. The balls are easy to clean and make a great complimentary toy to tunnels and puzzles. Once you place the balls inside the cage, you’ll find your hedgehog dragging them around through pipes and hideouts. 

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11. Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel Oversized Crackling Tube Small Animal Toy

If your hedgehog is bored with their regular tunnels, upgrade it with the Kaytee Crinkle Tube to make your little pet fall in love with tunnels all over again. The tunnel has a 6” opening and spans 23” in length, making it perfect for most hedgehogs to enjoy thoroughly.

What’s special about this tunnel is that it makes a unique crackling sound. This sound makes your hedgehog feel like they’re crawling on leaves and twigs, which adds another level of stimulation and excitement to their regular tunneling activity. Aside from that, the pipe features a cotton and polyester construction and is machine-washable as well. 

12. Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way Guinea Pig House

Like a hedgehog’s shelter in the wild, the Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way Hideout’s all-wood construction makes it the perfect home for your little critter. It’s made out of natural timber and features a nail-less and staple-less design so the hideout can’t harm your pet in any way.

Due to its natural wood finish, hedgehogs will comfortably move into this hut because it resembles their natural hideout. The hut measure 10 x 9 x 7 inches and can comfortably house most hedgehogs. If you’re looking for a natural and safe hideaway for your little pet, the Kaytee Woodland Get-A-Way House is worth considering.

13. Prevue Pet Products Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Small Animal Toy

Tunnels made from grass and natural materials like Prevue Pet Products Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel are some of the best pieces of furniture you could buy for your hedgehog. This one is made from a mix of 100% natural grass materials, which give it a fresh scent and a natural look that appeals to hedgehogs.

Moreover, the tunnel is fully hand-woven and doesn’t use nails or staples that might harm your little pet. It’s a great piece of accessory to satisfy your hedgehog’s instinctual sense of privacy that you can also use to connect parts of their cage for a more fun-filled playtime. 

14. Exotic Nutrition Hangouts Hedgie Nest Small Animal Pouch

This Hangout Pouch from Exotic Nutrition is like a small pillow house for your hedgehog. It’s made from polar fleece that’s not only incredibly plush and comfy, but also repels liquids so the pouch remains clean and tidy. And when it gets dirty, you can simply throw it in your washing machine and place it back in your pet’s cage.

Because hedgehogs often get their spines and nails stuck in fabrics, the Exotic Nutrition Pouch features cage clips and hidden seams so your hedgehog can enter and exit their pouch easily. And when you want to cuddle with your little pal, you can use the pouch as a glove so that their sharp spines don’t poke your hands.

15. Naturals by Rosewood Trio of Fun Balls Small Pet Toy

Like cats, most hedgehogs love to play with toy balls. With Natural by Rosewood’s Trio Fun Balls, you can provide your little pet cute little toy balls that are safe to chew and the perfect size for hedgies. Each of the three balls is woven from 100% natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, and water hyacinth.

Aside from that, each ball’s 3” diameter makes them perfect for hedgehogs to play with. Because they’re made from natural fibers, your hedgehogs can also satisfy their chewing instincts by gnawing on these balls. Almost every buyer has affirmed that these balls became an instant hit with their little pets as soon as they were placed in their cage.

16. JanYoo Chinchilla Hedgehog Guinea Pig Bed

The JanYoo Hedgehog bed might probably be the cutest pet hideout you’ve seen. Its super-adorable giraffe design instantly uplifts the attractiveness of your hedgehog’s cage and makes it eye-catching. But the animal house isn’t only about looks; it’s also one of the comfiest and coziest pet beds out there.

It has an incredibly plush pillow on the inside that offers your hedgehog a comfy space to relax and sleep. If the pillow gets spoiled, you can easily unzip and machine wash it as well. There’s also a non-slip grip at the bottom that helps the bed remain and position.

17. Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel

If your hedgehog is a fan of tunnels, the Niteangel Small Pet Tunnel will be an excellent addition to their cage. The expandable tunnel can extend up to 39-inches and encourage your hedgehog to exercise and play all day long. 

Moreover, the accordion design allows you to fix the tunnel in any shape so you can connect it to different parts of the cage for a more fun-filled playtime. The tunnel is made from durable and stain-resistant plastic that can be washed without worrying about fading the colors or damaging the tunnel itself. 

18. Tonka Steel Classic Quarry Dump Truck

While steel trucks don’t seem to have any relation to pets, hedgehogs absolutely adore them for some reason. Keeping that in mind, one steel truck that we’d confidently recommend to hedgehog owners is the Tonka Steel Classic Quarry Dump Truck. 

Due to the truck’s robust steel construction, it’s bound to last a long time and can be easily cleaned as hedgehogs can make some mess. The Tonka truck also has a steel bed in which you can place treats or food. Your hedgehog will have a blast pushing the truck around and trying to get the food from its bed.

19. Kaytee Puzzle Playground for Small Animals

With multiple levels and different components, the Kaytee Puzzle Playground is one of the best jungle gyms and toys you can buy for your hedgehog. The entire set includes 42 interlocking pieces that can be joined together to create several different shapes of puzzle playgrounds. 

Moreover, each piece is constructed from high-grade plastic that can be easily cleaned as well. Because the pieces can be used to create a variety of puzzle playground with different routes and shapes, your hedgehog’s curiosity will prevent them from getting bored of the toy and help it last a long time.

20. Kaytee Critter Cruiser

Exercise wheels have become too mainstream. That’s why Kaytee has come up with this unique Critter Cruiser that incorporates an exercise wheel into a toy car for more exciting runs and jogs. 

The pet-powered Critter Cruiser can be used in three modes; a stationary mode that allows your hedgehog to run in a stationary position, a mobile mode where the Critter Cruiser turns into a moving exercise ball, and a hamtrac mode which works on Kaytee’s Hamtrac roller coaster. 

With the Critter Cruiser, your hedgehog can be safely freed from their cage so they can cruise around the house in style. Once your hedgehog gets the hang of this exercise wheel, they’ll never want to come out of it.

21. RYPET Small Animal Play Tunnel

If you’ve got more than one hedgehog, a single tunnel toy won’t suffice. But with Rypet Small Animal Play Tunnel, you can give your critters a more spacious and durable choice in which they can play together. Unlike typical tunnel toys, this one has three entry/exit holes that allow more than one hedgehog to use it at a time. Moreover, you can connect the holes to another tunnel or toy to make a small maze for your hedgehog.

In terms of quality, the tunnel is made from high-quality cotton fabric on the outside and a polyester lining on the inside. Each hole contains a plastic ring, which helps the tunnel keep its shape. The tunnel has adorable graphic print on the outside and folds down for portability.

22. Litewood Climbing Ladder Toy

For daring hedgehogs that love to climb, the Litewood Climbing Ladder Toy makes an excellent toy to make climbing an easier process for these little critters. It’s made from natural wood and painted with food-grade colors, which makes the ladder easier to clean and safe to chew as well.

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The ladder comes assembled right out of the box and can be placed right away in your critter’s cage. Because hedgehogs aren’t that great at climbing down, we recommend connecting the top part of the ladder to a place from where they can climb down easily.

23. Kaytee FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-nels

Probably one of the longest critter tunnels to exist, the Kaytee Ferretrail Flex-E Funnel is an excellent toy for hedgehogs that enjoy spending their time inside tubes. The Kaytee Flex-E Funnel sports an accordion design and can extend up to 8-feet, which is way more than your hedgehog will ever need.

Its constructed out of a durable plastic material that can sustain the pointy spines on your hedgehog’s back. Plus, if you ever want to extend the tunnel even further, you can use a FerreTrail to connect two Kaytee Flex-E Funnels.

24. Dahey Cute Hedgehog Mini Chair 

If you want to make your little hedgehog a social media star, there’s no better prop than Dahey’s Hedgehog Mini Chair. This cute little chair is the perfect size for hedgehogs and serves as an excellent accessory for their cage.

The seat is also quite robust and made out of plastic and metal, so it can easily bear the weight of your little pet. If you frequently take pictures of your hedgehog, get this chair, seat them on it, and watch how it makes them look ten times more adorable.

Buyer’s guide

Hedgehogs are a small package full of fun. They’re active, curious, and very entertaining. But just like any other pet, they need proper mental and physical stimulation to stay healthy. And the best way to do this is by providing them with the right accessories and toys.

While there aren’t many options in the market specifically for hedgehogs, you can find a lot of toys for other small animals like hamsters that will be perfect for hedgehogs as well. So with that in mind, let’s see which type of toys and accessories are a must-have for hedgehogs:

Essential toys and accessories for hedgehogs

The best way to start furnishing your hedgehog’s cage is with the basic accessories and toys. Here are some that are essential for every hedgehog:


Hedgehogs are very private animals. They love to hide and need some time in privacy every day. That’s why it’s crucial to have at least a comfy, plush bed where your hedgehog can sleep and relax peacefully. You can also find a bunch of hideouts that you can place in their cage so they can spend some time on their own.

Exercise Wheel

Every hedgehog needs some sort of exercise so they can release their pent-up energy. And like hamsters, the best toy for this purpose is an exercise wheel. Try to look for a wheel that’s at least 12” in diameter and is a silent version as squeaky wheels can frighten hedgehogs.

You can also purchase exercise balls and let your hedgehog loose like a hamster. Their curious nature will encourage them to run around in their ball so they can explore their house. 


Tubes and tunnels are an absolute must for hedgehogs. They’re drawn to new tunnels due to their curious nature and prefer spending time in them as they also provide a level of privacy. Connect different parts of your hedgehog’s cage with tunnels and see how they always choose to travel through them.


One of the favorite past times of hedgehogs is to push things around. And balls are one of the most fun and exciting ways to fulfill this craving. You can find a bunch of colorful balls for cats that are also suitable for hedgehogs. Find some colorful ones that are preferably made out of either plastic or some natural fiber that can be chewed.


Whichever toy triggers curiosity in hedgehogs is always an excellent choice for a toy. One of the best toys for this purpose is a maze. You can find a bunch of mazes or playhouses for hamsters and rats that will be perfect for hedgehogs as well.

How to choose the right toys for your hedgehog

Once you know which accessories and toys your hedgehog needs, it’s time to pick one that would suit your pet and their cage perfectly. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing any toy or accessory for a hedgehog:

  1. Size: Since there are only a limited number of choices available for hedgehog toys and accessories, you will probably need to buy the ones made for hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, and other critters. 

    Because each of these animals has different sizes, you’ll have to measure your hedgehog’s size and choose toys and accessories which they can fit in. For exercise wheels and balls, we recommend buying one that’s at least 12” in diameter. 

    And for tunnels, hideouts, mazes, and beds, make sure that the entrance point is at least as wide as your hedgehog. Ideally, these accessories should have an opening that’s at least 6” wide.

  2. Material: There’s always a risk of toys breaking and potentially harming your hedgehog. To prevent any mishaps, it’s a good idea to purchase toys and accessories made from durable and non-hazardous materials. Not only will these toys be safer, but they will also last longer.

  3. Chew-friendly: Some hedgehogs have a habit of chewing anything new they come across. This means that they’ll also try to chew their toys and accessories. But if those toys are made from poor quality and toxic materials, they’ll pose a serious threat to your little pet’s health if swallowed. So to reduce this hazard, choose toys and accessories made out of wood, natural fibers, or non-toxic plastics to ensure that your hedgehog is safe.

    This also means that you should avoid buying stuffed toys for hedgehogs that are extra active. If they try to chew them and accidentally swallow the cotton or polyester filling, the consequences can be fatal.

  4. Personality: Yes, hedgehogs have different personalities, so they need different types of toys. Some will be more active, while others will be more reserved. If you’ve got an energetic one, you’d be better off buying a good quality exercise wheel and exercise balls. 

    But if you’ve got a reserved hedgehog, it’s better to invest in more hideouts, tunnels, and puzzles. These toys will provide them with privacy and your hedgehog will love playing and spending time in them.

    Balls and mazes are a must, as almost every hedgehog needs something to play with and all of them have a curious nature.


Why do hedgehogs need toys?

Like other small animals, hedgehogs also need some form of mental and physical stimulation so that they don’t feel trapped or bored. Also, hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and are alert during the night, making it difficult for owners to provide them with constant company.

Should you buy chewing toys for your hedgehogs?

Every hedgehog isn’t fond of chewing, so buying them chewing toys isn’t necessary. However, if you do find your hedgehog nibbling on their toys quite often, you can get them nibbling sticks or toys for hamsters and other critters.

Why isn’t my hedgehog playing with his toys?

If your hedgehog isn’t playing with their toys, they either don’t like them, or they have become bored with them. Try buying a toy that suits your hedgehog’s personality, or buy them new ones if they used to play with them but have stopped recently.

How to know if your hedgehog is happy?

Hedgehogs purr, chirp, and whiffle to show that they are content and happy. Another sign of a happy and relaxed hedgehog is that their quills will be lying flat against their body.

How do you play with your hedgehog?

Playing with your hedgehog doesn’t necessarily means physical playing. You can make a small playpen, build a cardboard maze, and do a lot of other fun stuff like playing with a ball or domino blocks with your hedgehog.

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