British Shorthair Male & Female – Full comparison & Guide

Cats are no doubt the most favorite pets of all the times, because of the utmost happiness they bring along with them.

Do you want to learn how one can distinguish the male British Shorthair from the female one? People often get confused when it comes to differentiating a male British Shorthair cat from the female one due to their uncanny resemblance. They differ in personality, behavioral traits, and physical appearance too if observed carefully.

This blog post is a complete guide and comparison, which will answer all of your British Shorthair Cat related questions, both the male and female, so let’s get started!

Comparison between the British Shorthair Male and Female?

A quick list mentioned below will help you in figuring out whether you are looking at a male version of the cat or the female one, depending upon their appearance and behavior.

  • A male cat is slightly bigger in appearance and heavier to carry.
  • Female British Shorthair might be smaller in physique but is surprisingly stronger than the male cat.
  • The male cat tends to be more cheery and cuddly in comparison to the female ones, as reported by most of the British Shorthair cat owners.
  • Being a little moody is one of the personality traits of the female cats, as they like to be left alone for some time.
  • It is believed that the male cats love to be surrounded by people and appreciate unlimited love; whereas the female cats are pickier, they will choose one person from the household and will solely prefer to interact with that person only.
  • The female cats like to be cuddlier with the kids, whereas, the male British Shorthair does no appreciate that much; however, depends on the environment, they have been brought up in.
  • The female British Shorthair likes to define their own territory, once they are grown up to a certain age and ask for some privacy.

One can never have sufficient information about the cats, especially if it comes to the British Shorthair, who happens to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds. So, let’s dive into some more details, which will further add in your knowledge.

Quirky Facts and Information to differentiate between both the Male and Female

If you are planning to get a British Shorthair cat and need some motivation to reach a decision, then you are certainly in the right place. Both the male and female British Shorthair cats are full of surprises. For instance,

  • They came in a variety of colors, such as brown, black, midnight blue, white, and even red.
  • Back in the days of world war, they almost got extinct, but thanks to some observing individuals who restarted their mating.
  • They are a few of those cat breeds, who have type B blood in them, as most of the cats have type A.
  • They have a relatively long life expectancy than most cats, up to 15 to 17 years, good news for the owners, who get easily attached to their pets.
  • Their thick fur and skin make them fall under the category of obese cats, which is both a funny and cute thing.
  • The female cat becomes a little more active at the later stage of their life, which saves her from getting a lot more overweight than the average healthy rate.

Chubby Face and Button like Eyes

Both the British Shorthair male and female cats are equally adorable for their unique appearance in terms of physical characteristics. The British Shorthair has a round and chubby face, with shiny button like eyes and a tiny nose, make them appear a little distinguished from the other domestic cats.

One of the famous children movies, titled Puss in the Boots’ main character, the cat was actually portrayed as a British Shorthair, this might be one of the reasons of the success of the movie, or at least one can think like that. Moreover, they are widely known for their puffy cheeks and a signature expression on their face, which is either happy or grumpy for the time being.

Cleaning and Caretaking of a British Shorthair Cat

Cleaning of a British Shorthair cat is not really difficult, in fact, one just has to be a little careful, and the whole process will automatically become more comfortable. However, the male cat can give some hard time, especially when it comes to keeping himself clean, unlike the female cat, which is undoubtedly really high maintenance.

Make sure that you give them a bath twice in a week; else their thick fur makes it very difficult to clean them thoroughly, especially if they are white or beige in color. Moreover, the British Shorthair cats love to have their teeth brushed up, so do not forget to do that for them once in a week to maintain the shine and strength.

As mentioned earlier, they have thick fur; therefore, choose a brush accordingly and comb their hair once or twice a week to avoid any unnecessary hair shedding, especially in the fall season.

To avoid any nail tragedies, make them familiar with the concept of nail trimming and be regular in that, else they might end up scratching you. The only way to trim their nails is by carefully bringing him or her in your lap, keep your face a little aside and gently take one claw; you simply do not want to rush. Clean their ears and nose too as they are also exposed to the dirt.

Related Questions

How to keep a British Shorthair Cat Entertained?

Keeping your pet active is one of the most critical and challenging tasks, especially when the pet is a British Shorthair, who are famous for their inactiveness and bulkiness. It is advised to make them aware of the concept of playing at the earliest age; else they will find it hard to pick up with the new toys and activities.

An overly obese cat is prone to the risk of health issues, and the whole caretaking process becomes more difficult too. Try indulging them in some fun activities, such as playing with a ball, a fishing pole, challenge them differently on a daily basis, else he or she will be bored easily.

Involve yourself too in the whole playing process; this will give them a feeling of association and challenged to prove their activeness by performing well in front of their owner.

One of the most entertaining toys for the cats nowadays is the water fountain, which serves as both a toy and a source of water. They like to play with the flow of the fountain, which keeps them entertained and active.

How much does a British Shorthair Cost?

A British Shorthair cat is one of the most popular cat breeds; therefore, they are a little costly too, depending upon on the fact that whether you are buying from a breeder or just adopting it.

Both the female and male cats cost almost the same, which is starting from $1500 for a kitten and goes up to $2000, depending upon the breeder, color and size. However, they are available in the price range of $800 to $1200 too, which can be considered as quite a catch, if you find the best possible British Shorthair in that price range.

On the other hand, if you are looking for adopting a British Shorthair, then it can be really cost-effective, somewhere, in between $50 to $100, but they are rarely available for adoption due to the high demand.

How much does the food cost?

The additional costs can be a little higher too in terms of food, mainly because they only eat the best quality food and are certainly not your domestic milk drinking cat. Their food comes in a variety of qualities and price range, which is around $10 to $30.

What is the price range for the cat toys?

Apart from the cat food, they must be kept busy with random toys to stop them from being totally lazy and gaining more weight. Getting toys for your British Shorthair is totally a personal choice because they can be entertained with merely a paper ball too, but again boredom comes easily for them, so one needs to have a variety.

The toys come in every price bracket, such as low as $1 for a ball and may rise up to whatever amount you will like to spend.

Do British Shorthair cats make good pets?

It is safe to say that a British Shorthair cat is truly a blessing and ball of happiness, no matter what the gender is because, at the end of the day, they like to cuddle away all your worries. Both the male and female British Shorthair cats become a fantastic pet and may differ slightly in their characteristics and behavior, but are definitely similar in a lot of ways.

Both of them like to be loved and give back in return, to keep their owners happy; therefore, it is always a good idea to either buy or simply adopt a British Shorthair cat, which may also be called the bundle of joy.

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