Molly Chasing Another Molly – Reasons

Molly fish are rarely aggressive and in most scenarios, they happily swim back and forth without bothering their tank mates. However, one day you find one of the molly chasing and nipping at the other. To any responsible aquarist, this

Ideal Tank Temperature & Conditions for Killifish

Killifish are beautiful and vibrant colored fish that have become a popular choice of many people across the globe. These fish require specific temperature and water conditions that should be maintained for their healthy growth. What are the ideal tank

Pearl Gourami: The Ultimate Guide

“I should pet some hardy fish species to polish my aquarist skills.” I thought to myself while staring at my home aquarium that is filled with the little and peaceful fish. I suddenly developed this urge to keep a challenging

How to Enhance Discus Fish Color?

The color changing phenomenon in Discus fish is not only fascinating but also an indicator of its health and situation. Various factors govern the color change from stress to lighting color to the types of plants in the aquarium. So,

Discus Fish not Swimming – What to do?

As beloved as Discus fish species is for the aquarium lovers, it usually gives you a hard time by not swimming. Looking into it, you will find out that this species requires a well-adapted aquarium due to its particular constitution

Is Your Pearl Gourami Male or Female?

Sexing fish is tricky but important. Finding the gender helps maintain a good ratio in the tank which ensures a peaceful environment and high breeding rate. Is your Pearl Gourami male or female? Female pearl gourami has a rounder and