The 8 Best Cages for Hedgehogs

This (updated) guide reviews all of the best cages for hedgehogs you can buy this year.

If you’ve recently welcomed a hedgehog into your home or are considering adopting one, you’re likely searching for the ideal habitat to keep them happy, healthy, and secure. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of hedgehog cages and explore the top options available.

Whether you’re a seasoned hedgehog enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of small pet care, finding the perfect enclosure is crucial in ensuring your hedgehog’s well-being and contentment. This post will look at the best hedgehog cages in 2023 based on our detailed 40-point inspection. Keep reading to learn more.

The 8 Best Cages for Hedgehogs

Top ProductsTop Features
#1. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation
(Best Overall)
Customizable layout with convenient mobility
#2. Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal HomeExcellent multi-level design
#3. Living World Deluxe HabitatX-large size promotes comfort and well-being
#4. Cavie Pet CageAll-inclusive starter kit
#5. PawHut Extra Large Pet Cage with Tubes and TunnelsExciting and stimulating layout
#6. Kaytee My First Home Habitat for Small AnimalsMultiple access points for added comfort
#7. Ware Manufacturing Chew-Proof Critter CageDurable chew-proof construction
#8. Amazon Basics Pet HabitatVersatile, durable construction

Best Hedgehog Cages Revealed

#1. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation

  • Double-unit boasts a spacious design
  • Horizontal bar spacing is safe for hedgehogs
  • Features removable pans
  • Durable and long-lasting

The MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation is a top-of-the-line enclosure designed to provide the utmost comfort and security for your beloved hedgehog and other small pets. With its innovative features and thoughtful design, this cage is the ultimate choice for hedgehog enthusiasts seeking a spacious and stimulating living space for their prickly friends.

The cage boasts a robust double-unit construction, offering ample room for your hedgehog to explore, play, and exercise. Each level is thoughtfully equipped with full-width double doors, providing easy access to your pet and facilitating stress-free cleaning and maintenance. The removable pans and shelves make cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for your pet.

#2. Prevue Pet Products Universal Small Animal Home

  • Built with high-quality material
  • Ample space to explore and place
  • Safe and secure for small animals
  • Large front door

The Prevue Small Animal Home is a versatile and stylish habitat designed to meet the needs of various small animals, including hedgehogs. This compact and charming enclosure offers a comfortable and secure space for your beloved pet to call home.

Crafted with durability and practicality in mind, the Universal Small Animal Home features a spacious design with multiple levels. The cage includes platforms, ramps, and hideaways, providing plenty of opportunities for your hedgehog to climb, explore, and engage in natural behaviors. These stimulating elements promote physical activity and mental stimulation, contributing to your pet’s overall well-being.

#3. Living World Deluxe Habitat

  • Suitable for various small animals
  • Secure locking mechanism for your pet’s safety
  • Customizable environment
  • Promotes mental and physical stimulation

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is an exceptional and spacious enclosure designed to cater to the needs of various small animals. With its generous size and thoughtful features, this X-Large cage provides an inviting and secure living space for your beloved hedgehog.

The X-Large size of this habitat allows for customization, making it possible to set up a stimulating and enriching environment. You can add toys, hideouts, and climbing elements to create an engaging habitat that encourages natural behaviors and physical activity.

#4. Cavie Pet Cage

  • Spacious and well-ventilated
  • Sturdy construction is escape-proof
  • Deep base for generous bedding
  • Easy to maintain

As a complete kit, this Cavie Pet Cage comes equipped with all the essential accessories to get you started right away. From a cozy hideaway to a food dish and a water bottle, your pet will have everything they need within reach. This thoughtful inclusion saves you the hassle of purchasing individual items and ensures a smooth and enjoyable transition for your new companion.

The sturdy wire construction of the cage ensures durability and longevity, while the tight bar spacing prevents any accidental escapes, keeping your pets secure at all times. The base of the cage is deep, allowing you to add ample bedding material for your hedgehog’s comfort and cleanliness.

#5. PawHut Extra Large Pet Cage with Tubes and Tunnels

  • Includes all essential accessories
  • Tight bar spacing for your pet’s security
  • Dynamic environment is excellent for exploring g
  • Easy to clean and rearrange

The PawHut Hamster Cage is a fantastic choice for small animal enthusiasts looking to provide their spikey companions with a spacious and stimulating living environment. Designed with thoughtfulness and practicality in mind, this 4-tier cage is perfect for hedgehogs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, and other similar-sized pets.

The cage features a unique and exciting layout, complete with tubes and tunnels that connect the different levels, allowing your small animal to explore, exercise, and have endless fun. This setup encourages natural behaviors and promotes physical activity, ensuring a happy and healthy lifestyle for your pet.

#6. Kaytee My First Home Habitat for Small Animals

  • Secure space for your small pet
  • Space for adding accessories
  • Ventilated design
  • Promotes mental stimulation
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Kaytee understands the importance of enriching your pet’s environment, and that’s why the My First Home Habitat offers ample space for accessories and toys. You can add hideouts, chew toys, and exercise items to create a stimulating habitat that encourages natural behaviors and keeps your pets entertained.

This cage is a reliable and thoughtful choice for small animal owners seeking a comfortable and stimulating living space for their pets. With its durable construction, deep base, and multiple access points, this cage ensures your furry companions will feel safe, content, and cared for, allowing you to build a strong and joyful bond with them.

#7. Ware Manufacturing Chew-Proof Critter Cage

  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Versatile design for small animals
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Spacious interior for endless play and exploring

The cage’s most notable feature is its chew-proof construction, making it an excellent choice for pets with a tendency to gnaw on their surroundings. The sturdy wire top and sides are specially designed to resist chewing, ensuring your pet’s safety and preventing damage to the cage.

This versatile cage is suitable for housing a variety of small animals, making it a versatile choice for pet owners with different furry companions. Crafted with quality materials and a thoughtful design, this chew-proof cage is ideal for housing various small animals, including hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other similar-sized pets.

#8. Amazon Basics Pet Habitat

  • Top and front access
  • Includes a non-drip water bottle for your hedgehog
  • Features hide-away space
  • Tip-proof food dish

The Amazon Basics Pet Habitat is constructed with durability in mind. The sturdy wire sides and top offer reliable protection and longevity, while the durable plastic base provides stability and hygiene. The deep base design allows for the addition of ample bedding material, creating a cozy resting area for your hedgehog.

For your convenience, this habitat includes essential accessories. A water bottle and food dish are included, providing your pets with easy access to water and food. These accessories contribute to the overall well-being and convenience of caring for your small animals.

Bonus Products!

#9. Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

  • Includes all essential accessories
  • Perfect, cozy hide-out
  • Attractive design
  • Spacious and secure

Introducing the Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage, the ultimate haven for your little friend! This large and thoughtfully designed habitat offers everything your hedgehog needs for a comfortable and enriched living experience. Measuring 23.6 inches in length, 14.4 inches in width, and 11.8 inches in height, this spacious cage provides plenty of room for your pet to explore, play, and thrive.

With its attractive design and easy-to-assemble features, this cage seamlessly blends with your home decor while providing a hassle-free setup process. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze, thanks to the removable base and wire top, which grant full access to the interior for a thorough cleaning.

#10. Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Small Animals

  • Features multiple levels
  • Easy assembly for cleaning
  • Chew-proof locking system
  • Narrow wire spacing to keep your pet protected

If the comfort of your pet is your no.1 priority, this multi-level habitat by Kaytee could be the ideal cage you can get for your pet hedgehog. Your spikey little companion is going to be super happy in this multi-story cage, featuring lots of space to move around and play. And with so much space available, there’s hardly any chance for your pet to think about escaping.

To make sure your pets have everything they need for a delightful living experience, this habitat includes essential accessories. The package comes complete with multiple platforms, ramps, a water bottle, a food dish, and a cozy hideout, offering a comprehensive setup that saves you time and effort in acquiring individual items.

#11. MidWest Homes Wabbitat Deluxe for Pets

  • Features elevated feeding area
  • Large space for maximum comfort
  • Comes with a deep base
  • Easy access

This spacious and luxurious cage is designed to provide the utmost comfort and security for your beloved hedgehog. The Wabbitat Deluxe Home features a durable and well-ventilated design, ensuring your pet receives proper airflow and a healthy living environment. The sturdy wire construction with tight bar spacing guarantees your hedgehog’s safety and prevents any unintended escapes.

With its spacious layout, this small animal home allows ample space for adding essential accessories to keep your bunny engaged and entertained. You can easily include toys, a litter box, a cozy resting spot, and more, creating an enriched environment.

#12. Kaytee Deluxe 2-Level Habitat for Small Animals

  • Chew-proof latches
  • Large access door
  • Includes all essential accessories
  • Excellent dimensions for a pet hedgehog

The Kaytee 2-level design of this habitat allows for ample space for your hedgehogs to explore, play, and rest. The multi-level setup provides different areas for activities, ensuring your pets have plenty of room to exercise and satisfy their natural instincts.

It features a durable wire construction that provides proper ventilation and visibility. The tight bar spacing ensures your guinea pigs remain safe and secure inside the habitat, preventing any accidental escapes. With its thoughtful design and quality construction, this habitat provides a delightful home where your hedgehog can thrive.

#13. OIIBO Small Animal Cage

  • Advanced design
  • Spacious and fun environment
  • Promotes the health and well-being of your pet
  • Foldable design saves space
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If comfort and functionality is important for you when looking for a hedgehog cage, this one will not disappoint you. The OIIBO Small Animal Cage is everything your spikey friend will love about their new home. It provides a safe and comfortable space for your hedgehog to explore, play, and rest. The cage’s sturdy construction will take you by surprise. This foldable design guarantees your pet’s safety while ensuring easy storage and transport.

This high-quality and advanced hedgehog home is a versatile option that suits many other small animals. Get your hands on this amazing cage and give your little pet an environment where they can thrive.

Best Cages for Hedgehogs – A Buyer’s Guide

Hedgehogs make wonderful and one-of-a-kind pets, and providing them with a secure and cozy habitat is essential for their health and happiness. This buyer’s guide has all the information to help you get the best cage for your beloved, spikey pal.

Choosing the Right Environment for Your Hedgehog

The ideal environment for a pet hedgehog should mimic their natural habitat while providing the necessary comfort, safety, and stimulation for their well-being. Here are some key elements to consider when creating an ideal environment for a pet hedgehog:

Cage or Enclosure

Choose a spacious cage or enclosure with plenty of floor space for your hedgehog to move around. Multi-level cages with ramps and platforms can provide additional space for exploration. The cage should have secure bars with appropriate spacing to prevent escapes.


Provide a deep layer of safe and soft bedding material, such as paper-based or aspen shavings. Hedgehogs love to burrow and hide, and the bedding will allow them to create cozy nests and feel secure.


Hedgehogs are sensitive to temperature extremes. Keep the enclosure in a room with a consistent temperature between 72-80°F (22-27°C). Avoid placing the cage near drafty areas or direct sunlight, as these can be uncomfortable for hedgehogs.


Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and prefer low light or darkness during the day. Provide a hideout or a covered area where they can retreat and rest during daylight hours. Use dim, ambient lighting for the enclosure at night.

Toys, Exercise and Enrichment

Offer a variety of toys and enrichment items to keep your hedgehog mentally stimulated. Puzzle toys, tunnels, and hiding spots can engage their curiosity and natural behaviors.

Features to Consider When Buying a Cage for Hedgehog

Ready to buy the perfect cage for your hedgehog? Make an informed decision with the information below:

Size and Space

Hedgehogs need enough space to move around, exercise, and express their natural behaviors. Look for a cage that provides ample room for them to explore and play. A minimum size of 2 feet by 3 feet is recommended, but larger is even better. Multi-level cages with ramps and platforms can offer additional space and enrichment for your hedgehog.

Bar Spacing and Material

Ensure that the cage’s bar spacing is appropriate for a hedgehog. The ideal spacing should be 1 inch or less to prevent escape or injury. The cage material should be sturdy and chew-proof, such as high-quality metal or PVC-coated wire.


Proper airflow is essential to maintain a healthy environment for your hedgehog. Look for cages with adequate ventilation to prevent the buildup of odors and humidity.

Base and Bedding

Choose a cage with a solid and deep base to hold bedding material. Hedgehogs like to burrow and hide, so providing enough bedding allows them to create cozy nests and feel secure. Opt for non-toxic, dust-free, and absorbent bedding, such as paper-based or aspen shavings.

Easy Cleaning

A cage with a removable tray or base makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient. Hedgehogs are generally clean animals, but regular cleaning is essential to keep their environment sanitary and odor-free.


Consider a cage that offers space to add accessories and toys. Exercise wheels, tunnels, hideouts, and climbing structures can provide mental stimulation and physical activity for your hedgehog.

Safety Features

Ensure that the cage has secure door latches or locks to prevent accidental openings. Check for any sharp edges or points that could potentially harm your hedgehog.

Location and Noise

Place the cage in a quiet area of your home, away from direct sunlight and drafts. Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and may be sensitive to loud noises or disturbances.


While investing in a high-quality cage is essential, consider your budget when choosing the best option. Remember that the cage is a long-term investment for your hedgehog’s well-being.

Make caring for a hedgehog easier with the tips shared in this video!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a wire-based cage for my hedgehog?

Yes, you can use a wire-based cage, but make sure the bar spacing is appropriate (1 inch or less) to prevent escapes or injury. Provide plenty of solid surfaces and platforms to avoid potential foot injuries.

How often should I clean the hedgehog’s cage?

Spot clean the cage daily by removing soiled bedding and waste. Perform a full cage clean-up at least once a week, replacing all bedding and thoroughly cleaning the cage and accessories.

What type of bedding should I use for my hedgehog?

Use safe and soft bedding, such as paper-based or aspen shavings. Avoid cedar or pine bedding, as these can be harmful to hedgehogs’ respiratory systems.

Can hedgehogs use exercise wheels?

Yes, hedgehogs benefit from using solid, non-wire exercise wheels. Make sure the wheel is large enough (at least 12 inches in diameter) to accommodate their size and allows for smooth, quiet rotation.

Can hedgehogs live in outdoor cages?

Hedgehogs are not well-suited for outdoor living, as they are sensitive to temperature changes and can be vulnerable to predators. It’s best to keep them indoors in a controlled environment.

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