How Much Does a Havana Brown Cat Cost?

Havana Brown, a highly affectionate cat breed, are very rare and of course special. Many people have not heard about them because unfortunately, they are quite rare.

As all unique things are difficult to get and have a lot of worth, so is the case with Havana Brown cats.

Let’s see how much a Havana brown cat will cost you.

How much does a Havana Brown cat cost? The Havana brown cat can cost you between 300 dollars to 1500 dollars approximately. The cost of the cat really depends on the kind of breeder you choose. A high-end breeder will obviously cost more.

The rare Havana brown cats are neither cheap nor easy to get. The difference in the prices depends on a few factors. One might get a Havana Brown cat for about 300 dollars, and others might get it might cost 1100 dollars, and that’s totally related to characteristics of Havana Brown cats.

Factors Affecting Cost of Havana Brown Cats

Here are the factors due to which price Havana Brown cats vary:

  • Appearance: some Havana Brown cats are darker in color as compared to other cats of the same breed. And have colored eyes. Their hair is short and silky. Depending on the appearance, the cost of each Havana brown cat will be different.
  • Breeder: breeder’s reputation matters a lot in this regard. The renowned breeder is famous for his quality of rearing a pet and other things. Now it’s obvious that a famous breeder will charge you more than a not-so-famous breeder. A breeder who has gained a name will give you better instructions regarding vaccinations and other things related to the cat.
  • Age and health: age and health are also important factors that determine a cat’s cost. The more healthy the cat will be, the more you will be charged because healthy cats live longer than unhealthy ones. However, the average life span of Havana brown cats is 15 to 20 years.

Here are the few things for which you will have to pay until you have Havana brown cat.

Food for Havana Brown Cats

The cost of food depends on the type and quality of the food you will give to your cat. So yes, cat food will cost you depending on whether you are buying food for your cat on a monthly basis or after every few months.

Toys and some other Basic Things

Havana brown cats like to play with toys. Buying toys for your lovely cat will cost you.  However, you will not have to buy a lot of toys for them, just 1 or 2 would be enough. Other than toys, there are some other basic things that you will have to buy for your cat like a litter box; some may buy a bed or any other things for their cat to sleep in.

Medical Checkup and other Health Condition

Havana Brown cats are generally healthy and do not need frequent visits to the vet, so in this regard, Havana brown cats will cost you less. However, yearly dental and medical checkups are important, and the cost will depend on the vet you visit. Havana brown cats, sometimes, suffer from obesity, which may further result in the cat suffering from diabetes, heart problems, and other conditions. Now, the cost of Havana Brown cat’s health is something you should be prepared for.

Cat’s Registration

In some cities, cats have registered annually. The cost of the registration is something that you cannot avoid, but the good news is that not every city asks for cat registration.

Cost of Transportation

If the breeder is in another city or far away, then you cannot escape from the cost of transportation. Getting the cat through airline or shipping is way too expensive than through other means of transportation.

Why are Havana Brown Cats Expensive?

Following are the reasons:

Havana Cats are Rare

The question of why Havana brown cats are expensive is what most people think about when it comes to Havana Brown cats. The answer is simple,Havana Brown cats are very rare as they are unique and hence cost more than your average cat breed.

Unfortunately, Havana cats are very few. It’s said they are only 1000 in this world. However, Havana Brown cats are among the endangered breeds though now breeders are trying to save this breed… So, of course, it becomes that easy, and you will have to pay a huge amount for it.

Havana Brown Kittens

Now as the breed is rare, finding a Havana brown kitten might be tough. It is comparatively easy to get Havana brown cat but finding a Havana brown kitten might prove challenging. It is because this breed is rare and there are chances of extinction.

Honestly, many people have not heard of this unique breed before. Let me tell you a few interesting facts about Havana brown cats, and then you will conclude even a penny spent on Havana brown cats would not be wasted.

Interesting Facts Related to Havana Brown Cats

  • Male Havana brown cats are larger than female Havana brown cats
  • Havana brown cats like playing with toys
  • Havana Brown cats have originated from Thailand
  • There are 2 Havana brown lines- North American Havana brown cat and European Havana brown cat
  • Easy to groom
  • Shy when the cat meets new people
  • Oval shaped green eyes
  • Havana Brown cat is identified with a Swiss mountain cat
  • Havana brown cats might be demanding sometimes

Overall, Havana brown cats are affectionate, playful, and intelligent. Due to their physical appearance and other personality characteristics, Havana brown cats are worth having.

Related Questions

Do Havana brown cats suffer from genetic problems?

Yes, Havana brown cats do suffer from genetic problems sometimes, but it is really important to prevent them from such genetic problems. Maintaining a good genetic condition is really necessary at this stage when there are chances of extinction of this breed.

Do Havana brown cats adjust with other cats or dogs?

Havana Brown cats are quite friendly. Yes, they do not only adjust themselves with cats but with dogs too and are ready to live with them under one roof. However, you find Havana brown cats mostly playing with toys.

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