Train Your Bengal Cat to do These 20 Awesome Tricks

Here’s the deal:

A lot of people tend to associate tricks with dogs only.

Although dogs are quite famous for their ability to learn tricks, yet Bengal cats can learn them as well.

You should train your Bengal cat to do these 20 awesome tricks if you’re looking to impress your friends with your fur buddy.

But before we jump into the tricks themselves and how to teach them, you first need to get your training supplies ready.

Training supplies for Bengal cats

Training any animal is an art.

You see:

You can’t just ask your furball to do something and expect it to understand you.

In order for your Bengal cat to follow your orders, you need to learn how to teach tricks to it.

In order to teach your Bengal cat some awesome tricks, you need:

  • Treats
  • A pet clicker


Treats are a great way to introduce positive reinforcement in your training sessions.

Here’s the thing:

Your Bengal cat probably has no reason to do all the stuff that you want it to like shaking hands or high-fiving you.

The treat would basically act as the reason for why the Bengal cat would want to do the trick.


Whenever your cat follows your order to do a trick, you give it the treat to appreciate its efforts.


It might take you some hit-and-trial to find the best treats for your Bengal cat. In case you’re looking for a good option, you can visit our Bengal cat Checklist to see our top choice for treats.

Here’s where things get complicated:

It’s not a sure deal that your Bengal cat would like every treat that you give it.

So, you’ll probably need to keep trying options until you find the best one.

Don’t wish to invest in a commercial cat treat?

Then try:

  • Bits of tuna fish
  • Chunks of chicken
  • Small portions of dried food

Pet clicker


What is a clicker?

This is a simple device that makes a clicking sound.

But why would you need a clicker for training your Bengal cat?

Well, trainers use a pet clicker to help the pet associate its action with a treat.


Every time your Bengal cat does a trick, you should point the clicker at it and click once before offering it a treat.

Now every time the cat hears the clicking sound on a particular action, it will learn to associate that action with a treat.

In case you do not wish to buy a clicker or can’t find one (they are extremely inexpensive), you can use a ball pen that makes a clear clicking sound.

Top 20 tricks that you should teach your Bengal cat



Now that you have all your supplies ready for training your Bengal cat, we can proceed to teach tricks.

Here are the top 20 tricks that you can teach your Bengal cat:

  1. Sit
  2. High-five
  3. Respond to its name
  4. Touch an object
  5. Touch an object from a specific body part
  6. Sit up on two legs
  7. Shake hands
  8. Meow when you order it to
  9. Give kisses
  10. Fetch
  11. Lie down
  12. Play the piano
  13. Jump
  14. Play the shell game
  15. Use the bathroom
  16. Walk on a leash
  17. Jump through hoops
  18. Stay on target
  19. Skateboard
  20. Rollover

1. Sit

This is the first and most basic trick that you can teach your Bengal cat.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the simplest one.


You should never use words to command your cat while initially training it. Instead, you should start using them later on as your Bengal cat starts getting the hang of a trick.

Most Bengal cat owners would point to the floor and say “sit”. After a few failed attempts, they would get frustrated and would abandon the idea.

But here’s how you should actually do it:

Hold the treat up to your cat’s face so it can see and smell it properly.

After that, move your hand up between your cat’s ears.

Now here’s the fun part:

Your cat would try following the treat.

In pursuit of the treat, your cat would inevitably sit down on its hind legs and turn its head upwards.

As soon as your cat does that, click and give it a treat.

Repeat this trick a number of times while continuing to click on every successful attempt.


You can add a cue word to this action, like “sit”.

With time, your Bengal cat will learn to sit without a treat (though you should always offer one to your furball.)

2. High-five


Who doesn’t want a furry high-five, eh?

This cute trick can help uplift your mood on the crappiest of days.

So, here’s what you need to do:

Hold a treat in your hand while your Bengal cat is observing.

Then, move your hand lower towards your Bengal cat’s paw. Chances are that it would follow your hand with its mouth but do not give your Bengal cat its treat just yet.

Wait for it to reach out to your hand with its paw.

If your Bengal cat doesn’t lift its paw, hold it up in your hand in order for it to understand what you want it to do.


Leave its paw and try again.

As soon as the Bengal cat lifts its paw to touch your hand, click and give it the treat.

Once that happens:

You’re definitely onto something.

But you’re not all done right here.

With every successful attempt, raise your hand higher and higher until this act actually looks like a “high-five”.

Alternatively, if you wish to establish a sort of “bro-fist”, you could keep your fist closed and give your cat a treat when it touches your fist.

3. Respond to its name

This trick can be attempted in a number of ways, but treats are essential.

The best time to try this is when your cat is a bit hungry.

Place some treats or bits of dry food in your palm.


Call your Bengal cat by its name and hold your palm out.

You could also point towards your palm with the other hand in order to focus your Bengal cat’s attention towards it.

Soon, it will understand and approach you for the treat. When your cat approaches you, click and let it feast.


You could try this out at proper meal times. Place your Bengal cat’s food in its food bowl and tap on it in order to catch your Bengal’s attention.

Once your Bengal cat approaches the food bowl, click to help it understand that it did a good job.

As your Bengal cat starts getting the hang of this, you can begin calling out its name or commanding it to “come”.

It is important to understand that pets usually you do not pick up on longer names like “Mister Whiskers” or “Munchkin Brunchkin”.

The best pet names that are also easy for your pet to understand and associate are ones which are short and have a single syllable.

4. Touch an object

This is another simple trick that could amuse guests at your place.


You would want to teach this trick after your cat has learned to sit and high-five on your command.

First, you need an object which your Bengal cat should touch.

It is best to find one that doesn’t topple over and is at least as tall as the cat itself. Doors work best for this purpose.

Make your cat sit beside the object and hold the treat on the surface of the object where you want your Bengal cat to touch.

Once your Bengal cat does that, click and let it have the treat.

Once it starts getting the hang of it, add a commanding word like “touch” and point towards the spot where you want the cat to touch.

Upon successful completion, offer your Bengal cat a treat and a pat on the back.

5. Touch an object from a specific body part

To take the previous trick to the next level, you can teach your Bengal cat to touch an object from a specific body part.

But here’s where things get tricky:

Your Bengal cat would probably learn to touch an object from only one body part like its paw or nose.

If you try teaching it all sorts of stuff like touching an object from its front paw, back paw, nose, and forehead; chances are that your Bengal cat would get confused.

6. Sit up on two legs

Now, this is a tricky one.

In order to teach your Bengal cat to sit up on two legs, you need to hold a treat slightly above its head.

When you do that, your Bengal would shift its weight to its back legs and sit up on them.


Your Bengal cat should reach out for the treat with its paw and this is why you should hold the treat a bit higher out of its mouth’s direct reach.

Teaching this would be simpler if your cat has learned to high-five you.

When the cat reaches out with its paw to touch your hand, click and give it a treat.

What’s more:

You could hold the treat up with your hand and take a step backward when your cat sits up on two legs. You might just be able to make it walk on its back paws to get your treat!

If (and I do stress on “if”) your Bengal cat starts taking a couple of steps, you can start backing up more to train your Bengal for walking.

7. Handshaking

The handshaking trick is quite a close variant of the “high-five”.

In this trick:

Instead of lifting your hand up for a high-five, you stretch it out towards the cat.

The basic steps are the same:

Hold the treat to the cat’s face and let it see and smell it.

After that:

Hold the treat in your hand and extend it for a handshake. When your cat holds out its paw for you, grip it and shake.

This certainly amuses people and you should make sure that you offer that treat to your Bengal cat after that.

Bear in mind:

Your cat would pretty much do the same thing when high-fiving and handshaking. The only major difference is how you respond to its action.

8. Meow when you order it to


This isn’t much of a training trick.

In fact, you’ll just have to wait for your cat to meow at you.

Whenever it does, offer it a treat.

It will take some time for your cat to associate its meowing with a treat but once it does, you can add a commanding word to it like “meow”.

With time, your cat will learn to do that without a treat.

9. Give kisses

There is NOTHING cuter in this world than cat kisses.

In fact:

They are even better than dog kisses!

You see, dogs make your face all slobbery when they kiss you.

But Bengal cats kiss you a bit more sophisticatedly.

Now you must be wondering:

How can you teach your cat to kiss you?

A great way to do that is to smudge something tasty on your cheek, lie down, and hold your cat on your chest.

Your cat will probably try licking the food from your cheek and when it does, you should click and give it a treat.

Later on, add a commanding word like “kiss”.

Imagine how cute this would be for your Instagram pictures?

10. Fetch

Who doesn’t want to play fetch with his Bengal cat?

I mean, it’s the coolest thing (after cats themselves!)

Bengal cats are quite active by nature and they are ALWAYS up to play with you.

This trick would come to your Bengal cat as something quite natural, but the only thing you would have to teach them is to respond on your cue word of “fetch”.

For this:

You would first need to find a specific object to fetch for the game.

Toys are a great object in this regard as most Bengal cats would leap towards their fur mouse toy as soon as you throw it.

But some Bengal cats respond the same way if you would throw a paper ball.

Experiment and see what works best for you and your Bengal.


How can you teach your Bengal cat to respond to your “fetch” command?

Well, as soon as your Bengal cat catches the object and starts bringing it back, say “fetch”.

Repeat this for a few times and your cat would start assessing it as a command.

11. Lie down

You know what?

Bengal cats just NEVER rest.

Instead, they’ll be whizzing here and there all day and wreaking havoc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have them lie down once in a while?


You could teach this to them!

For this trick, you would need to hold a treat in your hand and let your cat smell and see it.

Then, close your fist and place it on the floor.

Naturally, your cat would lower itself to get the treat.

After trying to get the treat a couple of times, it will lie down and that is when you have to click and let your Bengal cat have the treat.

Keep doing this until your Bengal cat gets the hang of it.

Then, you can associate a cue word like “lie down” or “lie” to this action and teach your Bengal cat to do it without any treat.

12. Play the piano

Okay so this is some pro stuff, right here.

Can you imagine how amazing it would be if your Bengal cat plays the piano at your party?


But this is one of the more technical tricks to teach your Bengal cat.

First off:

You need to get your Bengal cat interested in the piano itself.

If you have a full-sized wooden piano whose keyboard is high, you’ll have to make your Bengal cat sit in the podium/chair first.

For this:

You could place treats on the chair or just hold your Bengal and place it on the chair.

After that:

You need to get your Bengal interested in creating some music.

For this, it would be better if you hold its paws and start pressing them frantically on the keyboard.

This will familiarize your Bengal cat to the idea of creating music.

You could also place some treats or catnip on the keys.

With time, you’ll notice that your Bengal cat no longer needs you to hold its hands while you play. It can do that all on its own.

Well then:

You can just sit back and hear your Bengal play.

Although I won’t claim that Bengal cats create great music but they look awfully cute when they do.

13. Jump


Teaching your Bengal cat to jump would be easy if it has already learned to stand on its back legs.

It makes it even easier for you to teach this trick due to the playful and active nature of Bengals.

To teach this trick:

Most trainers use a feather toy for teaching their Bengal cat to jump.

In our Bengal cat checklist, we suggest the top 20 products for Bengal cats which include an awesome toy assortment for your furball.

You can use a feather toy and hold it a bit higher than your Bengal cat’s reach.

Remember that your Bengal cat is a descendant of the wild Asian Leopard Cat.

For this little buddy:

Jumping and hunting are in its blood.

So, as soon as it sees the feather toy dangling a bit high, your Bengal cat would certainly leap up to catch it.

I would recommend starting lower and then slowly raising the feather toy higher and higher.

Every time your Bengal cat jumps, click and give it a treat.


You could just let it play with the feather toy for a while. Once your Bengal cat gets used to jumping, add a cue word like “jump” or “leap”.

14. Shell game

If you haven’t seen pets attempt this, then you probably haven’t spent much time watching pet Youtube videos.

For this trick, you need to sit your cat down and place three plastic cups in front of it.


Let your Bengal cat see as you put a treat or some of its favorite dry food and cover it with an inverted cup.

Now, shuffle the cups while your cat looks at them.

All that you need to do now is step back and let your cat choose which one the treat is under.

You’d be surprised to see that Bengal cats usually pick the right cup even if you shuffle them fastly.

But here’s the kicker:

You don’t need to teach them anything for this behavior as it is completely inborn.

15. Use the bathroom

Rarely are people able to teach their pets to use the bathroom and do their stuff in a real toilet.

I mean:

It’s just not in the pet’s nature.

But this doesn’t mean that your Bengal cat can’t learn how to use the toilet.

In fact:

After a lot of spills and dedication, your Bengal cat can surely learn how to use the toilet seat.

You need to purchase a:

  • Cat toilet training kit
  • Flushable cat litter


A cat toilet training kit usually comes with a litter box that would fit into the toilet seat. After that, you can add flushable cat litter in it and train your cat to use the litter box in the toilet seat.

Once your cat gets the hang of this, you can take out the litter box and your cat would be directly doing its business in the toilet.

Smart, no?

16. Walk on a leash

Bengal cats love to receive attention from owners.

They aren’t lap-cats at all and would love to do physical activities with you.

Walking outdoors tops the list when it comes to fun physical activities for Bengal cats.

To teach your Bengal cat how to walk on a leash, you need:

  • An H-type harness
  • A nylon or cotton leash


Start off by getting your Bengal cat used to have a harness on.

Just slide it on without fastening the buckles.

After a few days:

Fasten only one of the buckles for only a minute or so, opening it after that so your Bengal cat doesn’t freak out.

It would take a couple of weeks for your Bengal cat to get used to the harness.

Once it’s completely relaxed with it, clip a leash to the harness and just let your Bengal cat roam around the house without holding the leash.

After a few days, take some practice walks with the Bengal cat inside your house.

Although this is a bit time consuming and requires your dedication, yet leash training is something that every Bengal cat should be given so you can enjoy some quality time with it while providing it with great exercise.

17. Jump through hoops

Don’t underestimate your Bengal cat by thinking that it can’t jump through hoops.


It can!

You’ll have to start off with a larger hoop, though.

Hold the hoop in front of your Bengal cat and wait for it to jump through.

Chances are that it won’t do that in the beginning, but that’s alright.

Just lower the hoop almost to the floor and press it softly against your Bengal cat’s front legs.

It would probably step into the hoop.


You can move the hoop backwards so your Bengal cat has to lift its back legs as well to completely pass through the hoop.

When that happens, click and give our Bengal a treat.

Keep repeating this trick until your Bengal cat gets used to this.

Here’s the fun part:

After you have added a cue word to this action, like “jump”, you can slowly decrease the size of the hoop.

It’s absolutely fascinating to see how Bengal cats can jump through extremely tight hoops if trained well.

18. Stay on target

This is a bit of an extension of jumping through hoops.

What you need to do is get your Bengal cat interested in a target.

This could be treats, its favorite toy or even a pencil.

Just make sure that you do not change the target in the future.

Once your Bengal cat is interested in the target, you can place some hurdles in its way like hoops and watch as it follows its target.

This requires lots of practice and dedication, so get ready to put in the required time for teaching this trick to your Bengal cat.

19. Skateboard

Remember the cat which got super famous all over the internet for skateboarding on the road and making some crazy jumps?

Yeah, your Bengal cat can do that.

But it would take lots of practice and a good amount of luck as well.


You would need to get your Bengal cat interested in the skateboard itself. You could do that by placing treats on the skateboard.

Once your Bengal cat is on it, you need to move the skateboard slowly, click, and give the cat a treat.

Bear in mind that not every cat would be up for doing this, so it’s okay if your Bengal cat is hesitant.

But I’d give a Bengal cat many months to learn this.

With time:

You can increase the speed of the skateboard if your Bengal is up for it.

Keep in mind, though:

You are responsible for the well-being of your pet.

It is not that safe to let your Bengal cat skate away from you so you should always be by its side when your Bengal cat is doing this trick.

20. Roll over

This one is the next step from teaching your Bengal cat to sit.

Here is what you need to do:

Hold out a treat in front of your Bengal cat’s nose and then move your hand counterclockwise.

Let your Bengal follow your hand as you slowly move it down towards the floor. As you do, your Bengal cat would already be following your hand and with a shift of weight, it would naturally fall down and roll over to get the treat.

Keep a close eye on your Bengal and click as soon as your Bengal cat rolls over. Then let it have the treat.

Practice it continuously before adding a cue word like, “roll over”.


Bengal cats are really cool pets.

Not only are they incredibly energetic, but fun-loving and intelligent, too.

Teaching tricks to your Bengal cat is not a problem at all. Just make sure that you put in the required effort and do this with patience.

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In fact:

They are known as one of the smartest domestic cats ever.

Teaching them tricks and training them is no big deal if you have the patience to do so.

What’s more:

Bengal cats love to play and receive your attention.

So, teaching them tricks and training them is a great way to spend time with your furballs.

What kind of tricks can I teach my Bengal cat? Although cats aren’t as easy to train as dogs, yet Bengals are certainly one of the smartest ones out there.

You can teach them to sit, stand, jump, roll over, jump through hoops or even use the toilet.

What is the average cost of a Bengal cat? Bengal cats vary a lot in price.

A regular pet Bengal can be purchased for around $1,000 but you can expect to pay $10,000 for a show or breeder Bengal.


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