How to Keep Your Bengal Cat Entertained?

Here’s something you should know:

These majestic felines belong to one of the most active and fun-loving breeds. Not being able to provide your Bengal cat with some activity can quickly escalate into a disaster.

So, how to keep your Bengal cat entertained?

Here’s what you need to do: Buy your Bengal cat lots of toys and play with your cat at least 2-3 times a day. Bengal cats love interactive toys, catnip, cat trees, and pools. These toys and activities can keep them entertained.

But that’s not all. There are many more things you can do to keep your cat engaged, happy, and entertained.

What does that mean?

This blog has everything you’ve been looking for.

Your Cat is Bored and You Can Fix It!

Why Do Bengal Cats Need Entertainment?

If you’ve already bought or are planning to buy a Bengal cat, you will notice that these cats are a lot more active than regular cats.

That’s because Bengal cats are a hybrid between the wild Asian leopard cat and the domestic cats. Hence, a Bengal cat’s personality is enriched by the hyperactiveness of wild cats.

That’s why it’s essential to provide some sort of entertainment to your Bengal cat at all times.

And here’s another thing you should know:

If Bengal cats do not have any toys or something to play with, they may resort to playing with household items. If you’re away from home often, consider getting another pet or a variety of engaging toys to keep your Bengal cat stimulated and content.

How to Keep a Bengal Cat Happy?

Keeping Bengal cats entertained requires a variety of approaches. Providing an abundance of toys, engaging in interactive play, and taking them for outdoor walks are effective ways to keep them stimulated.

As highly active cats, Bengals need continuous engagement to prevent the development of destructive behaviors.

Regular interaction with their owners is particularly important, as Bengal cats thrive on attention and affection. It is recommended to schedule 3-4 play sessions lasting approximately 15-20 minutes throughout the day to meet their entertainment needs.

By incorporating these practices, you can ensure a happy and fulfilled Bengal cat.

Best Toys for Bengal Cats

If you have a job that keeps you busy most of the day, you might be better off buying lots of toys for your Bengal cats.

There are a variety of toys available for cats. Toys that challenge them and arouse their curiosity and predatory instincts are among their favorites.

Here are some of the best toys you can buy for your Bengal cat:

1. Da Bird Teaser Toy

Da bird teaser toy (view on Amazon) is an essential toy for cats like Bengal cats. It is basically a toy hanging from the end of a rod with the help of a string.

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The toy resembles a small bird as it has a feather attached to it.

Your Bengal cat will jump and run around the toy, which will keep it busy for a long time.

There are different variations of this toy available that provide the option to attach a different toy to the string if your cat gets bored.

2. Catnip Toys

Bengal cats have a strong affinity for catnip-filled toys due to the enticing smell.

To keep them entertained, it’s recommended to have multiple catnip toys on hand, as catnip loses its scent over time. Additionally, you can sprinkle catnip on their bed or a scratching post to attract their attention.

Just remember that catnip affects cats differently, so observe your Bengal cat’s response and adjust their exposure accordingly for a balanced and enjoyable experience.

3. Indoor Cat Tree

A cat tree is an essential piece of furniture for Bengal cat owners. With multiple levels and compartments, it satisfies their climbing instincts.

Placing it in a busy room and hiding toys inside adds to their enjoyment and keeps them entertained.

4. A Kiddie Pool

Bengal cats have a unique love for water and can be entertained with a small kiddie’s pool filled with lukewarm water and toys.

They may also find amusement in playing with cardboard boxes or pens when bored with their regular toys. A scratching post, preferably with catnip, is another valuable furniture piece to deter them from scratching other items.

Check our Bengal cat checklist for recommended scratching posts and other essential items.

Playing Games With Your Bengal Cat

Bengal cats love getting attention from their owners.

Playing with them will not only give your cat a way to release its energy but will also allow you to strengthen your bond.

There are many games you can engage your cat in.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Hide and Seek

Bengal cats are known for their sudden bursts of energy and their innate predatory instincts. This makes games like hide and seek an excellent choice for engaging with your cat.

When playing hide and seek, you can throw toys or playfully hide them where your Bengal cat is lurking. Their natural instincts will kick in, prompting them to pounce and try to catch the toy as if it were their prey.

This interactive game allows them to exercise their hunting skills and provides a thrilling and entertaining experience for both you and your Bengal cat.

2. Wand Toys

As we discussed earlier, Bengal cats tend to love toys that bring out the natural hunter in them.

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And wand toys like Da Bird do exactly that.

Attach an attractive toy with feathers to the string, swoosh it around, and watch your cat fly around after it.

3. Lasers

Lasers might be the most convenient yet effective game to utilize your Bengal cat’s excess energy.

You can wave the laser around, and your cat will run around after it like crazy — all in the comfort of sitting on your couch.

This can be really helpful when you’ve come home after a long and tiring day and don’t have the energy to play anything else.

Walking and Playing Outdoors

There’s a long ongoing debate about whether you should take your Bengal cat outdoors or not, but we definitely recommend it under the condition that your cat is properly trained.

Walking is one activity that allows your Bengal cat to explore the outdoors and also one which is much easier to incorporate into your daily routine.

Training your Bengal cat to use a leash and wear a jacket may take a few weeks of patient effort. However, the benefits of outdoor playtime make it worth the investment.

Ensure a safe environment by securing your garden with fences and being vigilant. Outdoor activities help your Bengal cat release energy and prevent destructive behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my Bengal cat for walks?

Yes, many Bengal cats can be trained to walk on a leash. Start by introducing the leash and harness gradually, rewarding them with treats and positive reinforcement. Always supervise your cat during walks and ensure their safety.

How important is social interaction for Bengal cats?

Social interaction is essential for Bengal cats. They enjoy attention from their owners and thrive on human companionship. Regular playtime, cuddling, and grooming sessions help strengthen the bond between you and your Bengal cat.

Are there any specific activities Bengal cats enjoy?

Besides interactive play and toys, Bengal cats may enjoy hide-and-seek games, puzzle feeders, and exploring outdoor enclosures or “catios”. Experiment with different activities to see what engages and entertains your Bengal cat the most.

What if I am away from home for most of the day?

If you’re away from home frequently, provide your Bengal cat with plenty of toys and interactive puzzles to keep them entertained. Consider adopting another pet for companionship or hiring a pet sitter to provide attention and playtime while you’re away.

How can I keep my Bengal cat from destructive behavior?

Keeping your Bengal cat entertained and providing appropriate outlets for their energy and instincts can help prevent destructive behavior. Regular play sessions, scratching posts, and environmental enrichment can redirect their energy and satisfy their natural behaviors.

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