How to Keep Your Bengal Cat Entertained?

by Nadine Oraby

Here’s something you should know:

Not being able to provide your Bengal cat with some activity can quickly escalate into a disaster.

So, how to keep your Bengal cat entertained? This can be done by getting your Bengal cat lots of toys and playing with your cat at least 2-3 times a day. Bengal cats love interactive toys, catnip, cat trees, and pools. These toys and activities can keep them entertained.

But there’s a lot more to keeping your cat entertained than just buying it toys.

What does that mean?

Let’s discuss that below.

Why do Bengal Cats need entertainment

If you’ve already bought or are planning to buy a Bengal cat, you will notice that these cats are a lot more active than regular cats.

The main reason for this lies in the fact that Bengal cats are a hybrid between the wild Asian leopard cat and the domestic cats.

Hence, the Bengal cat personality is enriched with the hyperactiveness of wild cats.

Due to this reason:

Bengal cats need to be provided some sort of entertainment at all times.

And here’s another thing you should know:

If Bengal cats do not have any toys or something to play with, they will very likely adopt some mischievous habits.

If you want to know our top choice in Bengal cat toys and everything else you need to keep your Bengal cat happy, head on over to our checklist.

Bengal cats are naturally curious and quite intelligent, and if they are not provided with some activity, they will start playing with things like switches and drawers.

So if you are someone who is out of his house for the majority of the day, you may want to get another pet or lots of toys to keep your Bengal cat busy.

Your Cat is Bored and You Can Fix It!

How to keep a Bengal cat happy?

One can entertain Bengal cats in a number of ways.

You can buy them lots of toys, play games with them, and you can even take them outdoors for a walk.

Bengal cats need constant stimulation throughout the day to keep them from adopting destructive habits.

You need to engage with them several times a day because Bengal cats love attention from their owners.

Try arranging 3-4 playtimes throughout the day that can last anywhere around 15-20 minutes.

Best Toys For Bengal Cats

If you have a job that keeps you busy most of the day, you might be better off buying lots of toys for your Bengal cats.

There are a variety of toys available for cats. Toys that challenge their brain and arouse their curiosity and predatory instincts are among their favorites.

Here are some of the best toys you can buy for your Bengal cat:

1. Da Bird Teaser Toy

Da bird teaser toy (view on Amazon) is an essential toy for cats like Bengal cats. It is basically a toy hanging from the end of a rod through the help of a string.

The toy resembles a small bird as it has a feather attached to it.

Your Bengal cat will jump and run around the toy which will keep it busy for a long time.

There are different variations of this toy available that provide the option to attach a different toy to the string if your cat gets bored.

2. Catnip Toys

Bengal cats go crazy for just about any toy that’s filled with catnip.

It’s actually the smell of catnip that makes them go crazy.

You can find many toys that are filled with catnip; however after some time, the catnip will start to lose its scent, so get a bunch of them at a time and store some for later.

You can also use catnip on places such as your cat’s bed or a scratching post to attract their attention.

3. Indoor Cat tree

A cat tree is probably the best piece of furniture you can own if you have a Bengal cat. This tree is made up of multiple levels and small compartments.

Since Bengal cats have a knack for climbing, they will love an indoor cat tree.

Place this cat tree in a busy room and hide some toys inside and your Bengal cat will love you for it.

4. A Kiddie Pool

You may not know, but Bengal cats absolutely love water. They love to take baths or showers and might even try to join you in the tub.

Hence, one of the best toys you can buy them is a small kiddie’s pool.

Fill it with some lukewarm water, enough to make sure that there isn’t any danger of your cat drowning.

Put some toys in the water, and that will be enough to keep your cat busy for a long time.

Sometimes, you will find your Bengal cat playing with stuff like cardboard boxes or even pens.

Although you must make sure they don’t get their hands on anything precious, you can give them cardboard boxes they can play with when they get bored with their toys.

A scratching post is another great piece of furniture you can buy for your Bengal cat. Put some catnip in it to attract your cat.

In our Bengal cat checklist, we mention our top choice in scratching posts for Bengal cats.

Placing a scratching post will deter your cat from scratching up your couches or furniture.

Playing games with your Bengal Cat

Bengal cats love getting attention from their owners.

Playing with them will not only give your cat a way to release its energy but will also allow you to strengthen your bond with your Bengal cat.

There are many games you can engage your cat in.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Hide and Seek

You will often find that your Bengal cat jumps out of nowhere when you’re walking across your living room.

This is because of their natural predatory instincts that make hide and seek one of the best games you can play with your cat.

You can throw toys where your cat is hiding, and they will try to jump out and catch the toy like their a prey.

2. Wand Toys

As we discussed earlier, Bengal cats tend to love toys that bring out the natural hunter in them.

And wand toys like Da Bird does exactly that.

Attach an attractive toy with feathers to the string, swoosh it around and watch your cat fly around after it.

3. Lasers

Lasers might be the most convenient yet effective game to utilize your Bengal cat’s excess energy.

You can wave the laser around, and your cat will run around after it like crazy — all at the comfort of sitting on your couch.

This can be really helpful when you’ve come home after a long and tiring day and don’t have the energy to play anything else.

Walking and playing outdoors

There’s a long ongoing debate whether you should take your Bengal cat outdoors or not, but we definitely recommend it under the condition that your cat is properly trained.

Walking is one activity which allows your Bengal cat to explore the outdoors and also one which is much easier to incorporate into your daily routine.

However, this activity requires you to train your Bengal cat on how to behave when tied to a leash and wearing a jacket.

This may take a couple of weeks or more for your cat to get used to along with some patience. But considering the benefits, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Similarly, taking your cat outdoors to play may require you to make some preparations beforehand.

You will have to properly put fences on your garden and must always be vigilant to prevent your cat from running away or getting attacked by another animal.

Taking your Bengal cat outdoors will rid them of their excess energy and curiosity and will prevent them from trying to take things apart inside the house.


What type of personality and temperament does a Bengal cat have? Bengal cats are extremely playful and energetic pets.

They are affectionate towards their owners, and although they are not much of lap cats, they still love getting attention from them.

These cats are also very intelligent and curious and are capable of learning things like turning on switches all on their own.

Do Bengal cats have health problems? Although it is not necessary for cats to only catch diseases that have been genetically acquired, Bengal cats are more susceptible to hereditary diseases than any other kind.

Thus in order to make sure that your cat is safe, find a reputable breeder that can provide you with a pedigree and reliable documents.

How much does a Bengal cat cost? These cats are usually quite expensive.

And taking into account different factors such as their parents, lineage, and gender, they can cost anywhere from $500 to more than $5000.

Therefore, you should not rush into buying a Bengal cat and should decide whether you can properly cater to the needs or not.

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