Do Bengal Cats Like to Cuddle?

You might be wondering:

Since Bengal cats are hybrids of the wild Asian Leopard Cat, would they cuddle with you or not?

So, do Bengal Cats like to cuddle? Despite their wild looks, the Bengal cats are an affectionate breed of cats and coexist comfortably with humans and pets alike. However, they are not the type to sit in your lap all day but would come for a cuddle frequently – at their own terms.

The Bengal cats resemble a miniature leopard and are often misunderstood to be an aggressive breed of cats.

Yes, they do give an appearance of a wild miniature leopard, but the Bengal cats are a domestic breed and make excellent pets due to a number of reasons.

In this guide:

We’ll discuss the personality traits of this cat and why they make excellent companions.

The temperament of a Bengal Cat

Social natureHigh
Grooming requirementsLow
SheddingModerately low

Intelligent, curious, and active – with these characteristics, Bengal cats are a lot of fun to have around.

They are jumpers and for them, the higher it is, the better.

In fact:

Owners should equip cat trees and other types of jumping stations to keep the cat amused. In my Bengal cat checklist, I mention my top choice for cat trees and much more for your furball.

The Bengal cat also enjoys water. Don’t be surprised if your furry friend decides to join you in the shower or bath.

They are famous for their predatory skills as well and may hunt mice, squirrels, and even birds if given a chance.

You may also want to give up on your small fish or birds if you are considering a Bengal cat for your home.

But here’s the best part:

They are easily trainable.

Besides basic commands such as sit and come, the Bengal cats can even learn to open doors and ring doorbells.

Bengal Cats and their interactions with humans

Contrary to popular belief:

Bengal cats are people-loving animals.

They adore humans.

But here’s the deal:

Bengal cats are demanding creatures.

And they crave the attention of their owners.

If at any point:

You fail to respond to their needs, they will start doing something mischievous like jump on the table to get your attention.

And they will definitely not stop until you interact with them.

Another positive trait of the Bengal is their ability to follow their owners.

When you are home, expect them to supervise your every move.

They are also greeters and expect a hug from them as soon as you enter the door – just like a dog would do.

Are Bengals lap cats?

If you are looking for a cat that will lie in your lap all day or bask lazily in the sunshine, then the Bengal cat is not the right choice for you!

They are not the type to do just nothing.

They are active and full of energy.

That along with their curious nature keeps them on the move all day.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you!

Just like many other breeds of cats, they will also have their moment of affection where they will come for a cuddle with you.

In fact:

You can expect them to snuggle in bed with you late at night or early in the morning.

But they will do so at their own terms and not when you want them to.

So fear not:

Even though the Bengal cat may not sit in your lap all day, they will come to you for the love and care that they require.

Bengal Cat’s behavior with children

A primary concern of families with children is whether the Bengal cat is able to adapt to children of different ages.

For them, there is good news:

The Bengal is a lot more adaptable than many other pets.

They get along great with children.

This is because they have something common with children – high levels of energy and the instinctive nature to explore the world around them.

Especially elder kids become fast friends with the Bengal since they know how to handle pets.

Do Bengal cats get along with other pets?

As I mentioned above:

Bengals are highly adaptable in nature.

Just like humans:

They get along great with other cats.

They especially enjoy the company of other Bengal cats.

When it comes to dogs:

They are equally warm.

They get along with most breeds of dogs, regardless of their size.

In fact:

If you have a dog, make sure it’s cat-friendly and will not mind having an energetic feline as a house companion as the Bengal cat will soon try to evoke friendship with the dog.

And if the dog doesn’t like it back, then there could be trouble in your hands!

Are Bengal Cats chatty?

Bengal cats are very talkative!

And will chatter non-stop in different ways to get their point across to the owner.

Of course:

As a responsible owner, it is up to you to understand what the cat is asking for.

Do Bengal cats get bored easily?

The Bengal’s are a type of cat that doesn’t prefer loneliness.

If you have a busy schedule and are out of the house most of the time during the day, consider getting a cat-pal for your Bengal.


Make sure you can commit the resources and devotion to all your pets before adopting a new one.

You can also provide it with lots of interactive toys such as cat activity centers to remain busy while you are away.

Invest in a few jumping stations as well but make sure there are safe play-areas to avoid the risk of your Bengal getting hurt from jumping where it shouldn’t be.

A breakdown of the Bengal cat’s behavior

Here are some quick facts about the Bengal cat that will help you decide if this cat breed is right for you.


  • Are one of the most intelligent cat breeds
  • Are very demanding of their owner’s attention
  • Are active
  • Are vocal and very noisy
  • Are very loyal to their family members
  • Are quick to catch on the mood of their owner
  • Are easy to train
  • Can be territorial

How to keep your Bengal cat happy

As we mentioned above:

Bengal cats yearn for attention and may misbehave if you don’t give them quality time.

Show them your love for them by dedicating a set amount of time each day for play with the Bengal cats.

Sleeping with the cat is also a great way to deepen the bond.

But remember:

Cats are usually active at night so leave your bedroom door open for the cat to sneak out if it gets tired of snoozing.

How to know when your Bengal cat is not in the mood for company?

Although the Bengal cat loves spending time with its owners, it also likes its ‘me’ or ‘quiet’ time once in a while.

Don’t try to forcibly play with your cat if it is sleeping.

And never startle it from behind.

And of course, don’t try to force a cuddle when it clearly doesn’t want to.

Some signs of stress in cats include:

  • Pinned back ears
  • Wagging tail
  • Hissing or growling
  • Excessive scratching
  • Increased/decreased appetite

Is the Bengal cat the right cat breed for me?

The Bengal cat is the right cat for anyone who is looking for a social, energetic, and intelligent house-companion.


They are high-maintenance and usually keep their owners on toes along with them.

This is why you should only commit to one if you can give the feline the required time and effort.


There are many breeds of ‘lap cats’ that enjoy snoozing all day and are not hardy as the Bengals.


What do Bengal cats like to eat? Bengal cats are not fussy eaters, but just like every cat, they enjoy plenty of meat in their diet.

Make sure the meat is fresh and is 50-80% of your Bengal’s diet.

The rest can be constituted with fiber and vitamin sources.

Can Bengal cats live outside? The Bengal cats, just like any other breed of cats, can live outside.

But always remember that the cats who live in an unprotected environment often have shorter lifespans and are at more risk of health hazards.

Moreover, the Bengal is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world and keeping it outside can often result in the theft of your exotic pet.

Are the Bengal cats at risk of obesity? Bengal cats are medium to large-sized cats that usually weigh between 8 to 15 pounds.

In fact:

Some cat experts claim that a Bengal needs to weigh more than 22 pounds to be considered obese.

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