My Dog Hates Me and Doesn’t Like Me Anymore – What To Do

Your dog can become antisocial and suddenly act like they hate or don’t like you anymore. Dogs always have a reason for behaving a certain way.

Let’s go over the reasons your dog may suddenly become distant. 

Why Does My Dog Suddenly Hate Me?

If your dog acts like they don’t like you anymore or is suddenly avoiding you, it may be a symptom of a health or behavioral issue or a socialization problem. If your dog begins acting abnormally, note its symptoms and contact your veterinarian.

Bringing an animal into your home is a huge responsibility. No matter how seriously we take this responsibility, we can still have problems with our family pets.

It can be painful for you and your dog if they start avoiding you or act like they don’t like you—creating a cycle of tension and an uncomfortable environment.

Alternately, perhaps you have a dog that never quite warmed up to you.

If Your Dog Starts Avoiding You, They May Be Sick

Symptoms like aggression, keeping physical distance, or suddenly not wanting to be petted can signal illness or injury in dogs.

If Your Dog Is Physically Healthy, They May Have an Emotional Issue

Dogs are complex and intelligent creatures. They remember their trauma, and past experiences can have long-term effects on their behavior.

When you adopt a dog, try to obtain as much information about their past as possible to help you address any behavioral issues immediately and focus on the correct training. Be compassionate, and explore all of your options.

Behavioral issues in dogs are common in the post-adoption phase. Work with your vet and shelter to be prepared.

Why Your Dog Seems To Hate You and Love Everyone Else

Environmental problems can cause behavioral issues in dogs, including your dog appearing to hate you but love everyone else.

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Most people choose pets to fulfill the need for companionship. Therefore, it is natural that trainability and behavioral problems influence the way we feel about our dogs. The emotional moods of dogs and humans are proven to be closely tied.

If you are angry or frustrated with your dog, this may affect their behavior. If there have been changes in your environment, this can strain your relationship with your dog. 

Your Dog May Need Additional Training

If your dog has experienced a change in mood and is now hostile towards you, you may need to hire a professional trainer. A professional trainer can help you create more positive interactions with your dog.

Some dogs become aggressive towards their owners. They might snarl or bite at you. In this case, speak to a dog trainer and a veterinarian to minimize the risk of biting. 

Positive reinforcement training can remedy aggression issues that have arisen in your dog.

Your Dog Might Simply Be Aloof if They Are Avoiding You

Like humans, dogs have unique personalities. If your dog is healthy and not aggressive, it might just be an independent dog. Not all dogs relish a couch cuddle or extended petting.

The best option in this situation is to be patient with your dog. Give it plenty of space, kind words, and treats. Even if your dog is not affectionate outwardly, if you take good care of them and respect their space, they probably consider you a friend.

How to Bond With a Dog That Doesn’t Like You

To bond with a dog who seems to hate you, you must exercise patience, compassion, and control over your emotions.

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Fortunately, there are ways you can bond with a dog who avoids you. Here are some ideas on growing closer to the pup who is giving you the cold shoulder and is clear of any illness or behavioral issues.

Respect Them

Respect your dog by giving them space and not touching them when they don’t want to be touched. Signs of not wanting to be touched include laid-back ears, bared teeth, growling, or a tucked tail.


Engaging your dog in play is a great way to make them feel more positively toward you. Additionally, play burns off excess energy that could lead to behavioral issues.


You can use a dog’s love for food to your advantage and encourage them to love you with “ultimate” treats. Your dog should love this treat above all else. When they are kind and affectionate towards you, reward them with this treat.

What To Do if Your Dog Suddenly Seems To Hate You

If your dog suddenly seems to hate you, it could be experiencing a physical or emotional illness.

Bring your dog to your veterinarian if they have shown sudden behavioral changes and get their health cleared before moving on to other steps. Training and positive reinforcement may be enough to encourage a better relationship with your dog.

With plenty of compassion and patience, your dog will think of you as a beloved companion, even if they don’t show it.

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