Checklist: 10 Ferret Essentials

Ferrets are curious, highly intelligent, and cuddly creatures that deserve all the love in the world.

And love means care!

Anyone who is about to buy a ferret, should make sure that they have the following things ready before you bring home your little ferret friend.

So let’s get right into it.

1. Carrier

Ferret carriers are super important!

There is no other way you can transport your ferret in a car.

You need a ferret carrier!

Use the seatbelt to secure the carrier into place.

Pet carriers come in handy when you have to take your ferret to the vet, to attend some fun ferret matches, to visit friends and almost where ever else you travel to.

Carriers for ferrets is a rare find, so I stick to using cat carriers for my ferrets.

I absolutely love the Soft-Sided Mesh Pet Travel Carrier,

Designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, this carrier ensures they stay content and secure throughout the journey.

With a removable and machine washable fleece pad, your ferret can enjoy a cozy and clean space. Loading and accessing your pet is a breeze thanks to the front and top zippered openings. The carrier’s top handles and adjustable shoulder strap offer convenient carrying options, so you can navigate with ease.

Another pet carrier that I am a fan of is The Texsens Canvas Carrier. It’s super easy to carry around, and you can just strap it on your shoulder and move about in complete comfort.

2. Food

Ferrets are actually obligate carnivores, so they need a diet that is high in protein and is dominated by meat.

They have a very high rate of metabolism and a very short digestive tract, so they need to be fed frequently. Ferrets require a diet that has about 18 to 22 percent of fat, 32 to 40 percent of high protein and 2 to 3 percent of low fiber diet.

The protein has to be from an animal source!

1. Dry Food

Dry food is a Godsend, and you can leave the dry food out for long periods without worrying about it spoiling.

The Complete Nutrition Premium Ferret Diet Food  Food is one of the best ferret foods in the market. My ferrets are in love with this product, they eat , and they poop healthy. All the ingredients in the product are incredibly healthy as well.

2. Wet Food

Wet food is ideal for ferret babies; it’s full of nutrients and can be easily digested.

The Purina Friskies Gravy Wet Cat Food has all the nutrients that your ferret needs, but abstain from overfeeding your ferret.

When you adopt a ferret remember to ask the people at the pet store regarding what were they feeding your ferret so that you can continue to feed it the same thing.

If you want to switch to something else then just do it slowly and gradually. An abrupt change in diet can stress your ferret out.

3. Ferret Treats

Ferrets are highly trainable animals and treat come in handy, during ferret training sessions.

Wysong Dream Treats are treats that are designed primarily for ferrets, and they contain special prebiotics, minerals as well as vitamins.

4.Food dish

So we have the food part down, but where would you place it?

You can feed your ferret by adding its food into a food dish.

If you keep your ferret in the cage, then remember to attach the food dish to the pen as ferrets tend to play around with the bowl and make it their toy.

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Neater Feeder Deluxe Small Dog are a dream come true. Ferrets make a lot of mess when they eat, and this product involves no spill construction. You won’t have to clean the floor every time your ferret has dinner.

For the people who do not have the time to refill their ferret’s food dish, again and again, I would recommend the Amazon Basics Self Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer. It can hold up to 6 pounds of pet food and ensures a constant supply for dry pet food.

3. Cage

I cannot stress enough on how essential ferret cages are.

A cage is very important for a ferret as you cannot let them roam around the house at all hours of the day.

Keeping an eye on your ferret at all times is virtually impossible for anyone!

A decent sized cage made up of stainless steel has multiple stories and a solid surface floor is ideal for ferrets.

The size of the cage actually depends on the number of ferrets you want to keep.

A single ferret only has one litter box, one bed, one food dish, and one water bottle but for multiple ferrets, you need multiple things and an area to play.

The Midwest Homes for Pets Ferret Nation is definitely one of best ferret cages in the market. It checks all the boxes. The enclosure has large doors, ramps and lots of space.

Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Habitat for Exotics is another beautiful cag that has multiple levels, locks, and a broad base to prevent messes.

4. Toys

Ferrets are very active and playful creatures. They absolutely love to play. They are intelligent, so they get bored quickly.

You need to provide them toys to keep them physically and mentally challenged, or else they become distressed or depressed.

Ferrets tend to chew anything they can get their hands on, and if you do not give them toys to ward of their energy, they will end up munching on your carpet, your rugs, your shoes, and even the furniture.

My ferrets just cannot seem to get enough of the Marshall Pet Products Super Thru-Way, the product is made up of high-quality materials and can also be combined with other Marshal toys.

Another fun toy for ferrets is the Marshall Ferret Octo-Play, it’s beautifully designed and made up of soft materials that are safe for the ferrets.

Give them toys that are safe to play with. Make sure the toys do not have small parts as they are just a choking hazard and is not made up of rubber.

5. Litter box

Ferrets are not like cats, and they do not naturally know how to use a litter box. You need to train them.

As mentioned before the metabolic rate of ferrets is very high so they do their business a lot.

They are very messy, so you need to buy a litter box or your ferret to do their business in.

This will help you keep your house and the cage clean. Invest in a litter box that is large enough to fit the ferret and has low sides so that the ferret can go in and out of the litter box smoothly.

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The HongYH Pet Small Rat Toilet is my litter box of choice, the product is made up of high-quality plastic, and you can also use this litter box for other small pets.

6. Litter

After purchasing a litter box, you will need to fill it up as well.

Some ferret owners even layer the bottom of the cage with the litter.

Choose a litter that does not clump, is unscented and does not emit any chemicals. Dried pine and cedar are both health hazards for your ferrets.

I use the Fresh News Paper Small Animal Litter for my ferrets. It’s made up of recycled paper that is also biodegradable.

Try using shredded newspaper as litter. Remember to clean the litter box every day twice. A ferret will not use a litter box that smells a lot and will start digging, in turn, making a mess.

7. Vet

You cannot just purchase a vet and take it home, but you do need a thorough knowledge regarding all the vets in your area.

Most vets are not very skilled when it comes to dealing with ferrets so you would have to conduct a very careful search.

You need to take your ferret to the vet for frequent checkups to keep it happy and healthy. Kits mostly need several vaccines and boosters.

8. Bedding

Ferrets have a tendency to dig so they should not be given bedding made of hay, straw, and chips as the dust that they produce is hazardous to a ferret’s health.

The best material for ferret bedding should be made of soft fabric and should be durable.

The Marshall Ferret Litter is a comfortable, ferret friendly and environmentally safe product that serves as the best bedding for your ferrets.

9. Harness

Going for a walk with your ferret can be an enjoyable experience, and it would also help provide your ferret with the exercise it needs to stay healthy.

Walking a ferret is actually a little tricky, and you need a harness or leash, on your ferret to take it for a stroll in a park.

I prefer the Marshall Ferret Harness and Lead to walk my ferrets, its soft, comfortable and designed especially for the anatomy of ferrets.

If you have a hard time getting your hands on a ferret leash, then I would recommend PerSuper 2 Pack Pet Rabbit Harness Leash. Although it’s sold as a leash for rabbits and it is also suitable for ferrets. The product is adjustable and very easy to put on.

10. Flea Medication

Just like dogs and cats, ferrets are susceptible to fleas. Regardless of whether they spend their days indoors or enjoy playtime at the park, they can come into contact with these pesky parasites.

To ensure the well-being of your ferret, it’s important to have ferret flea medication readily available so you can take swift action at the first indication of fleas. The best one in the market is Advantage II Ferret. It’s vet-recommended, easy to apply, and kills the fleas within a day and keeps working for 30 days after it.

Related Questions

Q: How long can a ferret live?

A: Ferrets can live up to 8 years, provided they are properly taken care of.

Q: Are Ferrets friendly?

A: Ferrets are extremely affectionate creatures that are of no danger to your or your family.

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