Why Dogs Freak Out So Much When You Blow On Their Face

Dogs are weird. They like sticking their heads out windows and feeling the breeze but wince as soon as someone blows a little air on their faces. Most dogs find that behavior very irritating. They may even lash out if you end up taking things too far. So, what makes a dog feel so agitated exactly?

The Reason

It’s too close for comfort. To blow on your pup’s face you need to be near it. Dogs can find that sort of behavior rather confusing. It’s an invasion of space and most dogs aren’t comfortable with it. 

Cupping a dog’s face to blow wind on it is a bad idea too. Animals have a tough time deciphering intentions when they experience things like that. You need to be sure about your pup’s preferences with touch before doing something it probably won’t like. 

Another reason why dogs don’t enjoy this behavior is that it is surprising. Dogs can’t blow air from their mouths, so seeing a human do it can startle and annoy them. 

When You Should Definitely Stop

There are signs you can look out for that can indicate whether your dog gets agitated by this behavior.


When animals get defensive, they show their teeth. It’s a survival instinct to scare potential enemies away. Sometimes, overstimulation and an invasion of personal space might make your pets lash out at you. Pay close attention to their body language and maintain a healthy distance as soon as you spot any sign of agitation from your pet. 


Dogs can’t warn us with words but when they growl, it’s vital to establish a safe distance. They are mere moments away from lunging out at someone since they feel threatened. Dogs are loyal pets but even they have their limits. Actions that annoy your pet might get perceived as malicious behavior. Agitation can result from a loss of trust and a need for self-preservation.

Turning Away

If your face is a little too close for comfort for your pet, they often turn their heads away. Animals like cats and dogs try to avert their gaze and fidget in uncomfortable situations. It’s a sign that they feel unsafe and want to hide away.

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Yawning & Drooling

Too much stress can make your pup yawn for longer periods, and lick its lips constantly. A yawn helps your pet calm itself down. It can be a sign that your dog is uncomfortable and tired of the current situation. 

Does This Hurt Your Dog?

Yes, blowing on your dog’s face might end up hurting your pet. Some dogs get very uncomfortable and anxious, and that alone can cause significant stress. It is enough to make them confused and lash out because of it.

There is a unique bond between an owner and a pet, and canines are capable of forming deep lifelong connections. They have the ability to experience and process loss. If a pet owner puts their canine’s safety at risk, it might end up attacking them. 

Your dog is not as aware of certain situations as you are. Even though they are considered one of the smartest animals, it is hard for them to decipher good will from bad intentions. If you or your child accidentally get too rough with your pet, you might end up getting hurt.

Discourage That Behavior

Be a responsible parent and make sure to discourage any kind of behavior that puts your pets or loved ones at risk. Antagonizing your dog will only sour your relationship with the animal. Respect your canine’s personal space and stop others from taking their comfort away.

Keep The Danger Away

Please be careful of little children interacting with your pet. Some dog breeds naturally do not get along with children, so monitor any interactions closely. If they get too playful, they might disregard your dog’s feelings. They need to be aware of the signs to look out for to pull themselves away from any danger in time. 

If you notice your dog displaying signs of discomfort, be careful and keep your children away. Children may be small but they are equally as big as adult dogs. This puts them at a huge disadvantage when they come face to face with one another. 

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Teach Your Kids

Make sure your kids know how to play and interact with your dog. Teach them healthy ways to engage with their pet. Discourage them from antagonizing the pet and teach them about the dangers of getting bit. 

What Happens If My Dog Freaks Out?

So what if you decide to keep annoying your pet, what are the consequences? Your dog will act out and might even end up hurting you. Here’s what can happen:


An agitated dog can also snap at the air to warn you. It might take a bite at you if you decide to not heed any of its warnings. It’s better to refrain from antagonizing your pet immediately if things build up to that point.


A threatened or agitated dog will start barking loudly, and even aggressively if not left alone. If you still persist, the barking can turn to snapping which is very dangerous.

Jumping and Scratching

If your dog is out of control, it might just start lunging up at people to lash out. This can put little children and elderly people at risk of falling. Dogs have sharp claws and their paws are capable of scratching through your skin. 


It takes a while before an excited canine calms down but a threatened dog takes a lot more reassurance and patience. Unless you want to risk souring your lifelong relationship with your pet, pay attention to the signs and make sure your loved ones are safe before things get out of hand.

Prevent your loved ones from agitating your pet and encourage a positive way to interact. Just like humans, animals also have boundaries and can lash out if a boundary is repeatedly broken. Your dog is loyal to a fault because it thinks of you as a parent/master/friend. As long as you don’t violate that bond, your dog will remain friendly.

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