Bengal Cat Checklist

By Nadine Oraby | 2020 Update

So, you finally bought a Bengal cat.

Congrats, you’re a parent now (pretty much!) But let me tell you this:

Being a Bengal cat parent comes with its share of responsibilities.

You see, the Bengal cat isn’t just a regular cat.

In fact:

It’s one of the most peculiar cats in the world.

If you’re expecting your Bengal cat to just sit around on the sofa all day and eat anything that you feed it, then you’re sadly mistaken, buddy.

What you need is a Bengal cat checklist that covers each and every aspect of this cat’s requirements. Lucky for you; we’re writing just that!

So, here is a comprehensive Bengal cat checklist that covers each and every requirement of these wonderful cats.

1. Carrier

Here’s the thing:

You can’t just carry your Bengal cat in your hands wherever you go.

What you need is a proper carrier in which you can place your Bengal cat and take it to the vet, to Aunt Marge’s, or travel.

Need an awesome pet carrier? Here’s one that’ll do the trick.

2. Cat tree

You know what?

Your Bengal cat has wild DNA as it is a hybrid of the wild Asian Leopard cat.

And what do wild cats love to do? Well, they climb!

For Bengal cats, this product is pretty much a life saver as it keeps them from climbing atop tables, shelves, ledges, and windowsills.

This is one cat tree that’s the talk around cat-town.

3. Scratching post

If you have a Bengal cat, chances are that it will scratch and tear open all of your sofas.

Well, guess what? Scratching posts are the answer. With this product, you can teach your Bengal cat to scratch only on the post so it doesn’t ruin your furniture.

Here is a highly recommended scratch post.

4. Litter box

A litter box is a basic necessity. I mean, you gotta’ give the guy a place to do his thing.

A litter box should be compact, transportable, non-sticky, and most of all; it shouldn’t spread odor. This litter box is all of that.

5. Litter

A litter box without quality litter is pretty much useless. What you need is a great litter that ensures there is no spreading of wastes or odor in your house.

Among cat owners, this litter is quite popular; and for good reason.

6. Cat shampoo

Bengal cats are incredibly active and you can expect them to need a bath once or twice a week.

Bathing your Bengal cat with this awesome shampoo would be a great way of keeping it clean and healthy.

7. Cat conditioner

Let me ask you:

Do you use a conditioner? If you do, then you shouldn’t be hesitant to go the extra mile for your fluffy buddy as well.

Here is our recommended conditioner for Bengal cats’ tough coat.

8. Cat toys

Cat toys are an important part of a Bengal cat’s life. Toys keep them active, happy and occupied when you’re not there.

A lot of people buy cat toy assortments like this one. The best thing about buying a complete toy assortment is that you’ll never need to buy another toy for your cat.

9. Food bowl

Well, one thing’s for sure:

If you don’t buy a food bowl for your Bengal cat, you’re going to spend lots of time cleaning up after it feeds.

So, do yourself a favor and buy a nice food bowl for your Bengal cat.

10. Water station

Why can’t you just have a separate bowl for water, you ask.

Well, having a water station:

  • Reduces spills
  • Allows you to fill more water at once for your cat
  • Means you can use a water filter with your station as well

Here is one of the best options for water stations in the market.

11. Wet food

If you have some experience in keeping cats, you’d know that they rarely ever drink water. In fact:

Most of their water intake is through wet food.

In regards to wet food, Purina Fancy Feasts clearly stands out as a quality product.

12. Dry food

Dry food is needed to ensure high protein intake in cats. If you have a Bengal cat, that baby is going to grow up into a strong cat one day.

You better make sure you help the process by opting for a quality dry cat food product like this one.

13. Cat toothpaste and toothbrush

Cats are prone to periodontal diseases. To fight that, you need to buy a specifically formulated cat toothpaste and toothbrush and use them every other day.

Here is a cat dental kit that every Bengal owner should have.

14. De-Shedding brush

Nobody likes cat hair everywhere in the house. But cats shed and there’s not much you can do about it.

But you can use a quality de-shedding brush like this one to get rid of the loose hair on your Bengal cat’s coat.

15. Pet nail grinder

If your Bengal cat sits tight while you cut its nails with a nail clipper, well, then you’re a lucky person.

Most Bengal cats don’t like staying put and nail clippers usually freak them out. In that regard, electric nail grinders are the way to go. Lesser stress for your pet, better results.

Here is one awesome option.

16. Cat harness

If you like going on walks with your Bengal cat, then you really need to buy a harness for it.

During walks, having your cat in a harness is a much safer way than using a carrier.


Bengal cats look total STUDS in harnesses!

17. Cat treats

Question time:

How are you going to tell your cat that it has been a good baby?

By giving it treats, of course!

One can even use treats for training Bengal cats to do awesome stuff. If you’re looking to buy treats for your Bengal cat, you should certainly try these.

18. Cat Supplements

Cats need their nutrients, you know.

Most of the diseases in Bengal cats are due to deficiency of certain nutrients or vitamins. In that case, you should always have a quality cat supplement ready at your disposal.

19. Cat bed

If you have a strict “no-animals-on-the-bed-or-sofa” policy, then you should at least buy your Bengal cat its own bed.

After a long day of playing, Bengal cats would love a soft bed like this one.

20. Litter Mat

What’s the point of having a litter box if your cat just spreads all of its pee with its own paws?

That’s why you should always invest in a litter mat for your Bengal cat. This would help keep the floors clean at all costs.


Well, there you have it; everything that you need for your Bengal cat has been covered in this article.

If you’ve just bought a Bengal cat, I’d recommend you to check which products you’re missing from this article and complete your arsenal before things mess up.


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