Can Ferrets Eat Fruits and Vegetables?

What seems to be healthy and good food for us humans might not be as good to ferrets. Their diet is special because their system is only designed to digest plainly meat so we should know which foods can we

Good Ferret Treats or Snacks

Ferrets can be trained with some tricks just like we do to other pets, but of course, it can only be done effectively by giving them treats as a reward for something “good they did.” By reading on, you will

What do Ferrets Eat in the Wild?

Ferrets are furry, small carnivores that belong to the weasel family. Contrary to popular belief ferrets are not wild animals and they were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago. The only wild colony of ferrets in the entire world

Why do Ferrets Eat Paper and Cloth?

Ferrets are different than dogs and cats which mean that they behave very differently than your average put. Sometimes some of the actions of a ferret can be termed as behavioral issues and there is a certain amount of training

7 Best Ferret Harness Reviews

Going For a walk with your ferret can be really fun! Plus! It also helps to provide your ferret with the exercise it needs to stay healthy. Walking a ferret is not as easy as it sounds! You cannot just

Why is My Ferret Losing Hair?

Hair loss, more popularly known as baldness in medical terms is called alopecia. Alopecia is a partial or complete loss of hair from a region where there is normally loads of hair. Alopecia affects different individuals in different areas of

Can Ferrets Use Cat Litter?

When it comes to the litter habits and the types of litter you can use for your pet, there is actually a huge difference between ferrets and cats. Ferrets like cats are not innately used to using a litter box

The Ultimate Cost of Owning a Ferret

Pets do not come cheap, especially those pets that serve as companions such as dogs, cats and yes ferrets. If you are thinking about getting a ferret then you should definitely consider the cost of keeping one. It’s never bad

My Ferret is Skinny: Causes and Solutions

Ferrets are very active animals and they need a diet that is high in quality protein and fat. They burn loads of calories throughout the day. The bodies of ferrets are naturally rather long and slim, and so they appear